Starting a vegetable garden isn’t as easy as it looks…

Maybe a better title for this post would be “I’m a plant murderer”.

A few months back, I was inspired by this pin, and many others like it, to start a vegetable garden.

When to plant chart...

It looked easy enough – plant seeds in little pods, use old concrete blocks to build a raised bed, fill with garden soil, add plants, water, watch them grow, weed the beds and pick lovely veggies/make lots of salads. Uhm… yeah, not so much.

The part about planting the seeds in little starter pods was easy enough, but then the first day I put them in the sun for too long, they all died. All of them.

Okay, I’m not the type of girl to just quit, so I started over. Moved the starter trays to a new position on the porch so it would get direct sun all morning. Re-planted the seeds and waited. This is what I had a couple of weeks ago.

I was pretty excited about all the peppers, but my tomatoes weren't coming up.


I love how they grow in the direction of the sun.

At this point, I tried to put them out in the sun for longer periods of time, but on day two of this part, I forgot about them as we were working to get our refrigerator from the old house moved into the new house, so they got a little wilted in the Florida heat. They went back to being kept under the covered porch for about a week with the hope that they would miraculously un-wilt. I faithfully sprayed them with a water mister every day. Yeah, that didn’t really help, but they weren’t dead. Just wilted and sunburned.

In the meantime, my brother helped to set up the concrete block raised bed. I went to the local soil/rock sellers, where I purchased two yards of soil, and got it delivered to the house. Unfortunately, the driver dropped it as far away from the planting bed as it could possibly be. So, my husband, who must love me very much, made many trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow to fill it up for me. God, I love that man 🙂

Today, I went out to plant the little buggers and it was a mess. I couldn’t get the plants out of the cups. Or, I should say I couldn’t get them out in one piece – they all crumbled and fell apart when I tried to get them out. I tried many methods of extraction… the wiggle, the tap, the pencil pushed through the bottom hole, to dislodge them but none of that worked. I was left with just a bunch of little plants with tiny roots. UGH! I tried to plant what was left of them, but I’m pretty sure they will all be dead by the morning.

I  guess I am starting over tomorrow with seeds, directly planted in the soil. I have to admit that it makes me sad that all those little plants had to die because I don’t possess a green thumb.

Is it ever too late in the season to start a vegetable garden?

Hope your adventures in gardening are better than mine.



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