More shiny things…

Since I’ve been amassing quite a collection of silver platters/plates/bowls, I’ve been looking for ways to display them. I’ve seen quite a few wall displays on Pinterest, like these…


From House185


and I’ve been contemplating something similar for my house. Keeping that in mind, don’t judge me when I tell you that the other day, I went to Faith Farm and found this plate/bowl made by Reed and Barrow. I liked the look of it, and for $3, I decided it wouldn’t kill me to add it to the pile.

Pretty tarnished…

I took this picture after I already started to wipe the Weinman’s silver cream on it, which is what the white cream is on the left side. A few minutes later, I was buffing it dry. Ahhh… all shiny and new again!

I do so love shiny things!!

I had also picked up this little bowl for $2 – but didn’t take a before picture, as usual. I get so excited to start a project that I forget that little step. But, imagine that it was just as tarnished as the first one.

Chippendale – Holiday

After all the different methods of removing tarnish, I find that I really do love Weinman’s silver cream. It doesn’t stink, it works fast, and the little jar lasts forever.

Weiman’s Silver Cream – fabulous!


Is there a product that you just love, that works better than anything else that you have tried? I mean for anything, not just polishing silver. Tell me about it, so I can try it too. I find that I always get the best feedback from “real” people who have tried products, rather than relying on what the makers of the product say to sell it to you.

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