Re-upholstery project #2 – almost done!!

Yesterday, I showed you some of the chairs I have painted, including this one.

Fresh from a garage sale

Well, obviously, it’s the before picture. I found two of these chairs at a garage sale for $10 a piece. They were clean, and not stinky, and so comfortable. SOLD! Love their shape – but the pattern? Not so much. Since I had priced getting them re-upholstered and found the cost too high, I decided to paint them using the tutorial from Hyphen Interiors.

This is how they turned out…

Black paint and fabric medium makes for one scratchy chair.

And you could still see a hint of the flower pattern underneath from certain angles. But, most importantly, it looked good enough to use until more drastic measures could be taken.

A few months later, I found a upholstery class and decided to sign up. In the first class, I re-upholstered this little beauty…

First upholstery class project – before

And now, it looks like this…

After. All that tufting was a pain in the tush!

If you look closely, you can see that I am not a master seamstress. My cushion was completely askew.  Oh well, I was proud of it anyway.

Which leads me back to the second upholstery piece. This is how it looks right now.

I love the leopard print!

Sorry, but Elvis wasn’t about to give up his resting spot for me to take a picture of the chair without him. I asked him nicely, but he let me know there wasn’t a chance…

Elvis letting me know not to even think about removing him from the chair.

Okay, he wasn’t really hissing, just yawning. LOL! Either way, he wasn’t moving. It’s his favorite chair now.

As you can see, I haven’t attempted to re-cover the seat cushion yet. I have to admit that I might ask someone else to do it. I still have to re-upholster the mate to this chair, and the thought of trying to make both seat cushions gives me a little bit of anxiety. I can barely sew a straight line! At this point, I’m happy that it’s almost done and that the cushions can be used as-is for now. Well, until I learn how to sew better. Or pay someone else to do it.

The class has been completely worth the $73 dollars it cost for eight weeks. If you are looking at some sad chairs that could use some upholstery love, this is an excellent way to learn how to do-it-yourself and save some money!

I have to admit though, my favorite part of taking both classes has been the time I’ve gotten to spend with my friend Jilien, who lives about 35 miles away from me – which is a little further than the grab-a-cup-of-coffee kind of encounters I would love to have with her on a regular basis. So, it’s been great to see her once a week 🙂 Speaking of Jilien, she has turned out to be a re-upholstering queen! I think she’s done about 6 projects in the time the rest of us have barely finished two! I’ll have to get some pics of her work up soon…

So, what are you working on?



Painted upholstery

I wanted to just write up a quick “how-I-did-it” for the painted chairs I posted about here. I first heard of painting furniture from this Pinterest pin…

What?! Painted upholstery??

Kristy Swain at Hyphen Interiors painted a thrifted chair for her bedroom. It looked fabulous. Okay, fast forward a few weeks and I see the Mr. Goodwill Hunting has now painted two chairs that he picked up for dirt-cheap! Since I had just purchased two chairs for $10 a piece just a day or two before his post (and promptly found out that it would cost around $350 to re-upholster them – NOT including the fabric!) I was super excited to find an alternative method to make them work for the space.

If you don’t remember, here is one of the chairs in it’s original state.

Chair: before

First thing I did was vacuum the chairs and wiped them down to remove any dust or dirt. Then I got my supplies together.

Everything I needed for this project

I mixed together the textile medium and the Glidden paint according to the directions I read on Kristy’s blog…and added enough water to make it soupy. And then I rolled it on. At first it was not covering well at all. This is after two coats of latex paint.

Still way too light and see-through

Then I added some of the acrylic paint to the mix. The acrylic paint seems to have a lot more pigment, so it went on a lot darker. But it also dried much stiffer.

After FOUR coats of paint

You can still see the faintest hint of the flowers underneath. After four coats of paint, I thought the seats were way too scratchy. When I had tried to sand them down, the process left them looking very worn and gray, but much smoother. I was not going for a worn look, so I had to figure something else out. So, I poured some fabric softener in a bowl and dipped the scrub brush in it and scrubbed down the chairs. It worked! And as a bonus, the chairs smell heavenly. Love that Mrs. Meyers line of cleaners – they smell AMAZING!! (The textile medium is a little stinky at first, so that step really helps)

So, this is one of the chairs as it sits in my living room today. Why is it covered with the throw still? Well, because that throw is super soft and feels better than even the scrubbed paint ever will. 

BOTTOM LINE: Would I do this again? Yes! I can’t afford the cost of fabric and labor to reupholster them now, so this is a great alternative. Are they comfortable? Well, they aren’t soft and comfy as they were before, but hardly anyone actually sits in them because we spend most of our time in the family room. But they look a million times better than they used to look in the space, so it’s all good!

Note: if you want more detailed directions and some other kick-butt examples of painted upholstery, check out Kristy’s blog, here! 

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