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As I’ve mentioned before, I love Pinterest. For those of you that don’t know the wonder and joy of Pinterest, it’s a virtual cork board of sorts. For years, when I found something I found interesting online, I would bookmark it, and then promptly forget about it. Now, I can save all everything to my Pinterest boards and it’s there for quick access when I am ready to start my projects. What I love even more is that I can see what other people are finding. I can’t begin to tell you how much this has opened my eyes, and mind, to all things I never knew existed. Like blogs about all the things I love – photography, DIYing, decorating, cooking, organization and craft ideas. And a million tutorials to teach me how to do just about anything myself.

Yes, I realize that many of the things I pin will ever actually materialize in our house, but some things actually have. For example, my daughter found this pin a few weeks back.

chocolate covered pretzels - oh yum!

And today, we made them today for her to bring to school tomorrow for Halloween.

Our version – chocolate covered pretzels

One of the benefits of both of us being on Pinterest is that I’ve learned so much about her by what she is pinning. And we spend time together making what we find – BONUS! Since she is 17, I know this time is precious and I just love every second!

I have made these ham and cheese soufflés, which we stored in the fridge and the kids popped them in the microwave for breakfast before school.

Our version wasn’t so pretty, but man, they were yummy! 🙂

Our version

I showed this pin to my friend, Cricket, who made it for her Alien themed Halloween party this year…

Cricket made hers on top of a cake…

Alien abduction

I think one of my favorites so far was another one my daughter found for her new room.

She showed it to my husband, who painted this for her. (he would do anything for that girl! 🙂


I’ve also learned a lot from Pinterest. Like, how to use Borax and sugar to kill ants (and about thirty other things it’s useful for). And 1001 uses for vinegar (1001? Who knew?!).

I find photography tips and tutorials.

And a plethora of images and stories that amaze me.

And things that make me laugh out loud…

Let me know if you would like an invite, and you can find things that inspire and amaze you too!

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Easy Halloween decorations

While looking for Fall decoration ideas, I found this on Pinterest. While I don’t eat much candy corn, decorating with it is fabulous! (Visit Woman’s Day for more ideas on decorating with candy corn.)

Woman's Day Halloween Hurricane Lamps

I loved them because they didn’t scream “HALLOWEEN!!” at you, so you could use them for all of Fall. Perfect for me because I am not someone who will change decorations too frequently. The only problem was that I wasn’t going to pay $40 for the large hurricane glass, or even $25 for the smaller one. I suppose we should just get this out there now: I am cheap – thrifty, if you want to be nice about it. I love a good bargain, and it physically pains me to pay a lot of money for anything. So, I set out on a mission to find something that would let me get the look, without paying that price. It turned out to be pretty easy, actually. Walmart had something very similar for $5! And because I don’t believe in “matchy-matchy”, I bought two similar lamps, both $5 each.

So, here’s the cost breakdown

  • Two hurricane glasses each $5
  • The shorter candle was about $3
  • Taller candle was $5
  • Bag of candy corn was less than $2.
  • Total Cost = $20!

I love it on table by the front door, next to the silver(plated) pitcher I found at Faith Farm for $2. Have I mentioned that I love that place?

Added bonus: the candles are scented, so it smells lovely everytime you walk by.

My $20 Version!

The only down-side to using candy corn for decorating? My son keeps eating them!

So, what are your favorite Fall/Halloween decorations?


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