Cricket is a Pinterest Addict too!

Sorry to have not posted in a while. The last two weeks have flown by. My husband took some vacation time and we went to visit his brother and his awesome family up in South Jersey. Then we joined them for a few days in the Berkshires for some snow tubing and skiing. I can’t get over how easily my ten-year-old son took to it – like he was born to do it. When we got back, we have been doing all kinds of things around the house. Today is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write. Sorry!

I’ve got a lot to share from the last two weeks, and I will soon, but I wanted take this opportunity to introduce you to my friend, Cricket. She is one amazingly resourceful girl. Even before all the rage of thrifting and Pinterest, she was always the creative one of the group. She could take an old door and turn it into a tiki/island inspired desk. Or take dirty, nasty wood from the trash, clean it up (but only a little) and attach it to the wall to look like a picket fence in our friend’s office. (I will be tracking down pictures and adding them soon – it’s too cute not to include here!) She can decorate the pants off of any “professional” I know, and just in general, my crafting/decorating/sewing hero.

Well, anyway, I got her addicted to Pinterest too. I know, I’m a bad influence. You can find Cricket on Pinterest here. Although she doesn’t pin much on her boards, she keeps all the ideas swirling in her mind. Lately, she’s been on a hot streak. This past week, these are the pins she’s duplicated….

Tee to Tank from

Look how cute Cricket’s turned out!

Cricket in her adorable tank

Her son’s friend is a huge Batman fan, so when she saw this pin…

Superhero Aprons from Craftzine

she knew she had to make one for her.

How awesome is this?!


Every year, Cricket and her husband, hold the Super Bowl Party at their house, and the food is always delicious. She saw this pin for cheeseburger cupcakes…

Cheeseburger cupcakes

So, they made the menu 🙂

Cricket's cheeseburger cupcakes

They were so cute, and absolutely delicious! (and they were way less messy than having the frosting on the top!)

Everybody loves a deviled egg, right? Okay, maybe not everybody, but I love them. In keeping with the football theme, these were perfect!

Deviled eggs - via LivingLocurto

Cricket's deviled eggs - Yummy!

Oh, if you look to the left side of that last pic, those pepperoni/mozzarella rolls were Pinterest inspired too! I just didn’t get a good picture of them 😦

well, you can see the whole plate of them in this pic... it's just blurry 😦


I’m sure I’ll be posting more from Cricket – she is always up to something crafty!

Remember, if you want to try any of these projects/recipes  yourself, just click the original pic (from Pinterest).

Have you tried any new pins lately??





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