My List includes a Kitchen Cousin

The List – the hypothetical list of (usually famous) people that  you would get a free pass from your spouse to cheat with. Usually the list is made up of people you don’t know, and will most likely never run into on a daily basis, therefore making it safe to assume it won’t happen. I’m assuming that is probably why the practice is so accepted among spouses.

For most people, their lists exist only in their head – a person added here and there over time, and some removed when they fall out of favor. “He’s/She’s on my list” is a phrase I’ve heard (and said) a few times while watching a movie or TV show. Or, conversely, “he’s off my list”. Some people’s lists are actually written down. Some even laminate their list, and carry it around in their wallet. The show Friends actually had an episode where Ross met one of the people on his list (Isabella Rosselini), but since she had recently been replaced on said list, Ross wasn’t able to “seal the deal”.

You can check out that video here

It makes me laugh every time.

Friends episode

For the most part, these lists are reminders that we haven’t stopped being interested in the opposite sex just because we are married. Granted, the chances of meeting anyone from your list are slim-to-none. The chances of actually hooking up with them, even slimmer.  And of course, the chances of your spouse actually looking the other way if it were to happen are the most slim of all.

My list has been re-written a few times in my head. And for me, it’s not just about a tumble in the sack – a few people on my list are people I just want to have dinner with – or spend the day sitting on the beach, drinks in hand, talking about life and love and the future. For example, Billy Joel is one of my very favorite musicians. He has been on my list forever. But I don’t want to sleep with him. I just want to talk to him. For a very long time. I think he would be so interesting – I love the way he writes his music/lyrics, and I assume he is just as fascinating to talk to in real life. I know that’s not really cheating, but I think it would hurt my husband’s feelings when I tell him he isn’t allowed to join Billy and me for our little rendezvous. And that would be just as bad in my book because I know his feelings would be hurt. Besides, who has a list of people they want to be friends with? Okay, I admit, I do. It includes P!nk, Jennifer Aniston and Sabrina Soto. There are many more on that list, but this isn’t about my imaginary BFF list!

So, anyway, my list is short. I have most of them on this Pinterest Board. I call that board “Men I Like to Look At”. And oh boy, do I ever!

High on my list is George Clooney.

OMG – I just love that smile!

He is charming and smart and funny and I know we would hit it off, well, because I am charming and funny and smart. He’s also beautiful. And all together, that makes him smoking hot.

Here are a few of my other favorites. Can you sense a pattern? Tall, dark, handsome, smoldering…

Oh Johnny!

Paul Newman – he was the epitome of what a man should be – especially as a husband.

My first crush – Elvis

Gerard Butler – wow

(okay, side note… doesn’t this picture almost look like he’s on the toilet?)

Anthony Carrino – Kitchen Cousins

Ahhhh… yes, Anthony Carrino… that brings me back to the reason I am writing this post.

Yesterday, I drove an hour south to meet the cousins from Kitchen Cousins. Anthony Carrino and John Colanari were speaking at the Broward County Convention Center at the Home and Remodeling Show. I had convinced my 18 year old daughter to come with me, as my husband had to work. She doesn’t watch HGTV, so she had no idea who I was talking about when I ran around babbling about the Cousins being in town. Yes, I was like a like a 13 year old in my excitement. Tori got quite a kick out of seeing her usually low-key mom all amped up about meeting these guys!

As soon as we got there, I have to admit that I didn’t even walk around the rest of the show, I just made a beeline for the stage they would be on, and sat in the front seat about 30 minutes early. Yes, I’m a dork.

When John and Anthony came on stage, they were well spoken, funny and informative – first talking about how they started their business, and then getting onto TV as the Kitchen Cousins, then taking questions from the audience. I found myself completely tongue tied, and couldn’t get up the courage to ask a question. At one point, Anthony was literally an inch away from me when he walked over to give a woman behind me the microphone to ask her question. I had to restrain myself from reaching over to bite grab touch him.

Yep, he was looking right at me!

I was impressed that they seemed so down to earth, and not at all snooty. They are also much better looking in person, which I didn’t think possible. Anthony has this way about him, which I haven’t been able to put into words, that makes you want to adopt him into your group of friends. He’s kind of bashful, endearing… it makes you want to be his buddy – the kind you sit on a deck with, having some beers, on a warm summer night, talking about the old days in the neighborhood. Even my husband agrees that he and John seem like good guys to hang out with. And it was nice to see that it wasn’t just a vibe that was cultivated for their TV show, they seemed just that way in person too.

Look at those arms! Eye candy – lots of eye candy…

At the end of their presentation, they went over to a table to sign autographs and take pictures. I was finally able to ask them the two questions I had been trying to get out, and then took pictures of them with my daughter. She is now a big fan of them too, especially Anthony.

Tori with John and Anthony

But here’s the thing about Lists… When you finally do meet someone that you have on your list, it makes you realize all that you have waiting at home for you. Not that it wasn’t terrific to meet Anthony in person, but it made me realize that he’s just a guy, no different that any one else that I could meet on the street. He might be good looking, and sexy, but no more than my husband. I found myself thinking that I would love it if they were our neighbors and could have them over for BBQ’s sometime, but that’s the extent of it.

On the other hand, my husband is tall, dark and handsome. Incredibly smart – brilliant actually. He’s funny, and laid back. Those dimples just kill me. He’s an amazing father to our kids. He’s kind and gentle. Every kid we know, loves him. Animals too. And he puts up with my crap, which is more than I can imagine that anyone on my “list” would do 🙂

The only one on my real “list”

So, although I can keep my list in my head, or even write it down and carry it in my wallet,  I know that there isn’t a guy on earth that could ever compare to the man I promised to love for the rest of our lives.

Do you have a list? Is it written down somewhere, or do you just keep a running list in your head? Does your spouse have one too? Mine does – and it makes I’m super glad that Jessica Alba lives on the other coast. LOL!

Have a great day!


UPDATE: Edgar, my husband, read this post and thought I would be hurting John’s feelings since I didn’t say how awesome he is too… in my defense, I didn’t want to gloat too much about him since he is newly engaged. I feel a little bad fawning all over him – I’m pretty sure his fiancé wouldn’t like it. But, he was pretty awesome too – loved his sneakers.

Every other picture of him is of the side of his face 😦

I wasn’t kidding… even the side of his face is cute!


Oh boy – I’ve been slacking

Okay, not really slacking completely, but nothing is getting completed around here. For example, I am laying the groundwork for a vegetable garden. So far, I’ve got some seeds planted in some trays and they have sprouted, but then some of them died already because the lids blew off of the trays without me realizing it, and the Florida sun is a killer even in the “winter”. Oops – crud!! Have to start again. UGH! I bought some more soil and seeds and planting a new batch is on my list of things to do tomorrow after the kids go to school.

I have borrowed  uhm…acquired some old concrete bricks for making the raised bed, and the weed blocker that needs to line the bottom is ready to go once I get the truck full of soil to fill it up. Quite excited about the whole thing actually. Hopefully, I’ll get a few tomatoes and cucumbers out of the whole experience. But given that I’ve already killed them once, I’m not exactly feeling very lucky. Wish me luck!

And then there’s the shed…

This is my "BEFORE" picture... it's the only one I have that shows the whole thing!

I got an amazing deal on a five gallon can of mis-tinted Sherwin Williams exterior paint (that they tinted to a beautiful barn red for me once I bought it – I love it!) and I’m ready to start painting, but the darn weather won’t cooperate. It looks like it’s going to pour and then it doesn’t. In fact, I thought the rain was coming so I put out bug killer, and weed and feed, so that it could get watered in, and it DIDN’T RAIN!!  Seriously?! And after I paint it, I have lots of plans to plant pretty flowers and make it look adorable (much to the chagrin of my husband).

While at the paint store, I went through their clearance section and bought a few painting supplies. Okay, a ridiculous amount of supplies. Let’s just say I won’t need another foam roller for many years. And I picked up two test colors for our bedroom – but I haven’t found the perfect shade of royal/navy blue. I need a blue that’s dark, yet bright… does that even exist in a wall paint? I found exactly the right shade in this can, however, I can’t seem to find a color match in wall paint. I love this Rustoleum color – cobalt blue. Wish they had it in more colors.

Blue Perfection

The color match machine won’t pick up the right color because of the sparkle of the paint 😦 but I did put this color to good use this week and I will be posting about it very soon. Like this week. Okay?

And to add to my little list of things halfway done… I am still taking my upholstery class, and I just learned how to tuft a chair! It’s so exciting to learn something that I will actually use! How I wish they had a major in woodworking and power tools in college – I would have definitely signed up for that one! Besides the chair I used for my class project, I’ve also started a few projects at home.



During - still need to paint it too

But like everything else, they aren’t “done”. So many things almost ready for posting, but not just yet. These chairs make me want to run out and buy an upholstery stapler and an air compressor. I think it would be cheaper to buy them both than to pay for ONE chair to be reupholstered! Going to start working on my “pitch” to my husband for that one! 🙂

But for now, I’m going to watch the Oscars! I love when Billy Crystal hosts. Who is your favorite Oscars host??


Lego Birthday Party

Hello! I’ve been working on quite a few projects lately, but nothing is finished yet, so this week I’m going to share what a friend of mine did this weekend! 

Lego cake

One of my dearest friends from high school, and fellow Pinterest addict, Tracy, has three little munchkins who are seriously the sweetest kids on the planet. And each year on their respective birthdays, there is always a party to celebrate their special day. Even before Tracy started her Pinterest addiction, she was creating fun and fabulous birthday parties for her little people. To date, there have been fairies, princess, pirates, puppets, police and garbage men at their parties. There are always fun activities planned, based on the theme that year, and the kids always have a great time.

This week was her son’s 6th birthday, and this party was just as fabulous as all the ones that came before it. This year’s theme was Legos. After combing Pinterest for ideas, Tracy started planning and preparing. And then, she made everything pictured here by hand, including that amazing cake above! I’m in awe of her fabulousness!!

There were Lego-men face masks…

Each with a different expression!

And marshmallow pops…

A “guess how many” game…

Crackers and cheese – Lego style!

Even the hand sanitizer got in on the action!

And when it was time to go home, each child got goody-bags…

I can’t wait to see what the next party will bring. Hmmm… maybe I’ll have her “help” my husband with my 40th birthday party next year. 🙂



Am I ever on time?

I am usually on time to everything – but barely. That is, except when I travel to see my father in Miami – then I’m always late. Seems I underestimate the time it will take to get there, or the traffic is terrible, or my kids forget something halfway down the road to the turnpike and I have to turn around, causing an hour delay. And also on this blog, where  it seems that I just can’t seem to post on the right days! For instance, today I actually worked out, a day behind Workout Wednesday, when I should have posted about what new workout I tried (have you noticed that I seem to miss that one a lot?). In this case, today I took the dogs for a walk, twice. Once with Charlie, below in the picture, and my awesome neighbor, and once just with the puppy, Gus. It’s not one of the great workout pins I found on Pinterest, but it is a start, and the starting is the hardest part for me.

He's ready to go...

And take for instance that today is Thrifty Thursday, but I didn’t buy anything new lately (other than what I’ve already shared) so I have nothing to report on that front either. Do you see where this is going?? Yep!  I’ve decided  that I’m going to do away with the daily schedule and just post what I want, when I want to  🙂

Okay, moving onwards…

My friend Jilien and I had our first upholstery class and I loved it. Now, I have to find the perfect fabric for the chair, so this weekend I’ll be hitting a few stores. I don’t have any “real” fabric stores around me, so it’s going to be a daylong hike up and down the coast checking them out.

I have to admit something here…I’m terrified of picking the wrong kind of fabric! I have 6 chairs, one couch and the dining set of 6 chairs that I want to re-upholster and I need them all to kind of match, or compliment each other since they will all be in the same area. One wrong pattern, and it all goes to the crapper! UGH! I need someone with serious design whoo-has to come hold my hand!

Here’s a rundown of the pieces I need to cover.

Two of these!


Six of these!


One of these _Thank God!


And two of these

And this is my project chair…

Project chair #2

Which looks an awful lot like the very first chair I re-upholstered…

Project #1

So, I am going to make them match so they can be paired up, which means both of them are going to be re-covered!

Except for the last two, the fabrics will all be in sight of each other, so they need to coordinate. And I still have to pick out fabric for the window treatments! ARRRGGGHHH!!! I feel paralyzed by the task, and I’ve been avoiding it.  Does anyone else freeze up when they have to decide something like this?

That’s it for today. I’ve got to get back to the stacks of laundry that have been trying to get my attention for a week now…

Thanks for stopping by!


I like shiny stuff

After many months of going to my favorite thrift store and coming home with many treasures, my husband wanted to see what was so great about the place. Yesterday, he finished work early and we headed over. I have to say, he wasn’t really impressed at first. But then I dragged him around and showed him all the places to find the best stuff. Since we were only there to look, we didn’t buy any of the big cabinets we found, or the end tables that I liked (but have no place for) or the adorable chairs that were screaming out for me to save them. We did however, find this silver plated tray.

Not so shiny

It had definitely seen better days, but it wasn’t dented or damaged other than the almost black tarnish in many spots. Since I’ve picked up many of these pieces before, I knew my $2 investment would be a solid one.

Some of the worst spots

Besides, I’m a sucker for detail, and this one had lots of it. And today, I set about trying to clean it.

A few months back, I bought one of those tarnish removing plates that you put in hot water with some “activator”, and the tarnish is supposed to fall off. At the craft fair, where I fell for itpicked it up, it worked like magic! Little did I know that every night, they put the pieces they “magically” clean of tarnish right in front of your eyes, into a tarnishing solution to make them black and ugly. So, imagine my surprise when I used it at home and NOTHING happened. What? No magic? No. But, like a glutton for punishment, I always try it first, hoping that it will work as promised. And if nothing else, it’s some place to start. So, into the water it went. Nothing really happened except a few dark orange/yellow spots appeared. I took it out and tried Tarn-X.  I’ve been told Tarn-X is no good for the silver by some people, but other people rave about it.

Don't let the clean plate fool you - Tarn-X wasn't responsible for that shine!

Let’s just say, I’m not impressed. I tried it, per the directions, two or three times. Nothing. And it stinks to high heaven!

And finally, I used my tried and true, Weiman Silver Cream. This has been the only product to effectively take the tarnish off every piece I’ve tried it on.

Weiman Silver Cream

I love, love, love this stuff! I would recommend it to anyone. It’s gentle, it doesn’t smell, and most importantly, it works.

And now, my little silver-plated beauty looks like this!


And this is a picture of the exact spot above, after I got done with it.

Yay for Weiman's!

Not bad for twenty five minutes of labor. I plan on using it by my bathroom sink to corral the things I use everyday, like my toothbrush/toothpaste/cup, etc. It makes it a whole lot prettier than just having them laying about all willy-nilly. The one I have there currently is headed to the husband’s side of the bathroom for his few things, since it’s smaller and everything he uses would fit nicely inside. Guys have it so easy 😛

Also on this trip, we picked up this lamp.

Yep, it's a Stiffel

It even has it’s original finial, which is a pretty rare occurrence when I find them there. This is the third Stiffel I’ve picked up there; the other two I picked up for $2 a piece. We paid $17 for this one. I can’t complain though, it’s my favorite one so far. It really needs to be cleaned up, but both times I cleaned the tarnish off the others, I think I over-cleaned them and now they are very brassy looking.

As I sit here adding photos to this post, I am realizing that I really need to create a space in the house to take pictures of my treasures, so that they look terrific, not trashy. But, know me well enough to know that even if I had that space, I probably wouldn’t use it because that would require planning and not just using my iPhone for all my pics!

All in all, my husband wasn’t overly impressed. I think he should come with me on a Saturday morning as they are unloading a truck to really get a sense of what goes on there, because the craziness and chaos is half the fun!

Have you found anything great lately while thrifting? Tell me about it!


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