Re-upholstery project #2 – almost done!!

Yesterday, I showed you some of the chairs I have painted, including this one.

Fresh from a garage sale

Well, obviously, it’s the before picture. I found two of these chairs at a garage sale for $10 a piece. They were clean, and not stinky, and so comfortable. SOLD! Love their shape – but the pattern? Not so much. Since I had priced getting them re-upholstered and found the cost too high, I decided to paint them using the tutorial from Hyphen Interiors.

This is how they turned out…

Black paint and fabric medium makes for one scratchy chair.

And you could still see a hint of the flower pattern underneath from certain angles. But, most importantly, it looked good enough to use until more drastic measures could be taken.

A few months later, I found a upholstery class and decided to sign up. In the first class, I re-upholstered this little beauty…

First upholstery class project – before

And now, it looks like this…

After. All that tufting was a pain in the tush!

If you look closely, you can see that I am not a master seamstress. My cushion was completely askew.  Oh well, I was proud of it anyway.

Which leads me back to the second upholstery piece. This is how it looks right now.

I love the leopard print!

Sorry, but Elvis wasn’t about to give up his resting spot for me to take a picture of the chair without him. I asked him nicely, but he let me know there wasn’t a chance…

Elvis letting me know not to even think about removing him from the chair.

Okay, he wasn’t really hissing, just yawning. LOL! Either way, he wasn’t moving. It’s his favorite chair now.

As you can see, I haven’t attempted to re-cover the seat cushion yet. I have to admit that I might ask someone else to do it. I still have to re-upholster the mate to this chair, and the thought of trying to make both seat cushions gives me a little bit of anxiety. I can barely sew a straight line! At this point, I’m happy that it’s almost done and that the cushions can be used as-is for now. Well, until I learn how to sew better. Or pay someone else to do it.

The class has been completely worth the $73 dollars it cost for eight weeks. If you are looking at some sad chairs that could use some upholstery love, this is an excellent way to learn how to do-it-yourself and save some money!

I have to admit though, my favorite part of taking both classes has been the time I’ve gotten to spend with my friend Jilien, who lives about 35 miles away from me – which is a little further than the grab-a-cup-of-coffee kind of encounters I would love to have with her on a regular basis. So, it’s been great to see her once a week 🙂 Speaking of Jilien, she has turned out to be a re-upholstering queen! I think she’s done about 6 projects in the time the rest of us have barely finished two! I’ll have to get some pics of her work up soon…

So, what are you working on?



My latest thrift store treasures

I’ve been running around lately looking for fabric for the chairs I am re-covering, and checking little thrift stores and consignment shops for the chairs that I am hopelessly in love with. I’m sure you’ve seen these before – and all over blogland – but I desperately want them.


I haven’t had much luck at all finding them – except for one little shop that had a set of six for $2400! I knew they were expensive, but that’s way more than I want to spend. It made me sad to leave that store without them. I mean, I was seriously thinking about selling a kidney or something to get them, but I wanted to stay happily married and if I spent that much money on chairs, my husband would not be thrilled, no matter how cute they were!

Across the street from that little shop, there is another shop that had chairs kind of like the ones I want. Like, these…

Too small for a dining room.

Loved this one, but it was WAY expensive too!

cute, but not dining room material either.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about finding them. I check Craigslist in our area a dozen times a day, scour eBay for ones that are reasonable, and drool over Kristy’s set that she recently bought for $300 – including a table! ARGH!!! So, if anyone sees a set for sale, let me know ASAP! Thanks 🙂

Anyway… on to what I have found – and purchased!

Yesterday, I found this blue plate. I love blue – it’s my favorite color – so I figured I would find a place for it. Best of all, it was $1.50!

I love the way the light shines through it and makes the table glow.

Then I found this little guy at a new “thrift” shop.

Looks like a peacock to me, but it doesn’t have spots on the tail.

I won’t be going back to that store because they price their stuff all kinds of crazy. Something that is tagged from the store it was originally sold at for $10, will be marked at $9.99 – and they don’t budge on their pricing! But I liked this little guy, whom I call Fred, so I bought him. Not loving the gold, may have to change that soon.

A few weeks ago, at a garage sale, I found this.

Juice-O-Mat – $2

I was so excited because I had seen one on Pinterest and thought to myself that it would be great to find one for our house, but I never see them when I’m out. And then, like two days later, there it was, and for only $2! Not bad when you consider that one exactly like this one is currently up for sale on eBay for $24, and that one is beat-up pretty badly. Since I found it, we’ve had fresh squeezed OJ and tangerine juice, which is actually sweeter than OJ. And the lemonade that I make is delicious in a way that the powder stuff can’t touch! Love it.

I also picked up this little conversation starter at my favorite place, Faith Farm. Loved the price –  only $10!

Globe Bar – from 1974

It’s a little beat up – the paper is coming off the globe part and the arm.

The inside of the globe looks like this.

Inside top of the Globe

Isn’t it fabulous? My grandmother Lois, had one and I loved it because it was so classy looking, and I could picture the old-fashioned kind of dinner parties held around it, everyone with a drink in their hands, men in suits in a circle on one side of the room, ladies on the other – everyone dressed up and looking perfect. Ahhh… there goes my imagination again, sorry. I wonder if I could fix it somehow without ruining the charm of it?

What have you found lately that makes you smile?

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Shooting myself in the foot

Did you ever do something you later regretted? Yeah, I’ve done a bunch of things I wish I hadn’t, too. But, the other day, I was feeling kind of guilty for snatching up the Stiffel lamps for so cheap ($2 each) from an organization that uses the money they make on sales to help people. So, I sort of mentioned that I couldn’t believe that they were selling Stiffels for $2, but cheap Walmart (sorry, Walmart, but these particular lamps were kind of cheesy) lamps for $39. What kind of sense did that make?

Duh! What was I thinking? Well, when I went on Friday, no more Stiffels in the “last chance” bin, and it looks like they changed the prices on the lamps that were left. So, I’m pretty sure I won’t be finding any little treasures for dirt cheap anymore. That’s what my conscience does to me – makes me open up my mouth and ruin a good thing! I must learn to shut up! Oh well, I guess it’s a good cause so their pricing should be fair to them too.

On a brighter note, while I was there, I did pick up a chair for my upholstery class that starts on Tuesday. Just $19. Not bad considering that it’s in great shape. It would be a perfect candidate for a Tulip Fabric Spray update if I wasn’t going to rip it apart!

Project chair

I also picked up a few silver plated platters.

Silver platters, bowls, etc...

I know I have enough silver platters, but I wanted to experiment on them with Weiman tarnish removing products, but I can’t find the ones I want to try locally! Ggrrrrr… how annoying. I’ll have to order them online, which is a royal pain in the tush. I hate waiting for anything, it makes me nuts! Walmart around me carries their products, but not the instant tarnish remover. I guess I’ll be putting that on the back burner for now.

The little elephant was too cute to pass up, and with animal figures being all the rage right now, I see it looking fabulous with a coat of spray paint, and then gloss, to match my decor. The little blue and white tea set, and the white bowls were added for future use. I think I paid $10 for all of it.

I also picked up a cute little side table, that will look great next to the project chair, once both of them are updated. 


I did see some really nice things that I don’t have the room for or they completely don’t go with the rest of my house, so I thought I’d share them with you. If you live close by, you could run over and pick them up yourself!

First up was this cool wood carving. I am always impressed with how people can take a chunk of wood, and turn it into something fabulous and interesting.

There were two of them, at $12 a piece. Does anyone else find these things interesting?

Next, was this cabinet. 

It is in fabulous condition, and I wouldn’t change at thing about it. It’s rare to find something at FF that doesn’t need an update, but this one is perfect the way it is. It’s priced a little high, but then that seems to be the current trend at all thrift stores.

And finally, this chair was just too cute.

You can see the shape a little better from this angle, but that stool is in the way, sorry.

They wanted $199 for it. I wouldn’t pay that much for it retail! I can’t help it, I’m cheap/thrifty/budget aware. Whatever you want to call it, it pains me to spend a lot of money on something.

Also this week, we found a killer deal on a pre-loved shed on Craigslist. It got moved over here yesterday, but it sustained a little damage so I can’t move stuff into it yet. Major bummer. This pic is from yesterday before we moved it from the original owner’s house.

Isn't she a beauty?

The shed mover is coming back tomorrow to fix her up and then I can move some of the stuff currently in our garage over. I plan on setting up half of the garage to work on furniture and projects, so to say I’m excited about this shed is an understatement! Not to mention that I will actually be able to get to the garden tools and fertilizers without killing myself in the process. I would post pictures of our fabulously overstuffed garage so you could see what a mess it is, but you would lose respect for me big time!

I even have big plans for the side of the shed too – including setting up a little planting table and adding some landscaping and window boxes. Now, to pick colors to repaint it. I would love something bright and colorful, but my husband would prefer that it blend into the background. I’m sure we’ll find a compromise though. There are so many examples of great sheds on Pinterest, now I just have to convince him that it could stand a little color at least 🙂

Image from

So that’s it for me today. What projects are you doing now?

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Chair update

For a few days here, in south Florida, it was too cold for spray painting outside. No, not for the spray paint, but for me – brrr! However, today is a beautiful day so I finally got to finish painting the chair legs and arms. One of my readers (hehe – that’s funny to say – my readers – it still hasn’t hit me that I have a few 🙂, Susane, suggested a few different options, and I took one of them. I chose to paint them a muted nickel. I really like how it’s turned out.


Looks awfully blue in this picture, huh? It’s not in real life, it’s still teal.

Anyway, the only thing left to do is to paint the nail heads. And possibly give it a little depth by adding a black rub? So, what do you think??

Sorry this is a short post, but I have to go finish getting Christmas packed away. I have so many new ideas to try out from Pinterest, but I can’t start them until the holidays are all cleaned up and put away.

Thanks for reading – come back soon!


I think I need an intervention…

For my thrifting addiction. I can’t seem to stop myself. This hobby of mine is getting out of control. I see beautiful old pieces of furniture with great lines, and solid construction and I. MUST. HAVE. IT!! I know I don’t have a place in my house to put most of it, but I want to take it home with me anyway. I’m convinced I can strip off the ugly, and give each piece new life. If it won’t fit in my house, I’m sure I can find someone who will love it. And so, because of this, my garage is filled with projects waiting patiently for my attention.

I am a list lover. I love getting to mark off the projects as I get them done. So, I figured that I would make  a list of things that are waiting to be re-finished.  However, because it seems that there are many to-do lists crumbled up in my purse, I will post this one here.

1. Repaint and re-cover my son’s chair.

For the Boy Child's room

2. Strip the paint from these cabinets and repaint them. Aren’t they beautiful? I love them.

There are two of these. So, twice the amount of stripping fun to be had!

3. Sand and re-paint this little cabinet. On a side note, I don’t have any place to put this in my house.

I just liked the detail in the doors.

4. Find lamp shades for all these. Or sell them. My lamp addiction is getting ridiculous!

There aren't enough rooms in my house for all these!!

5. Get this closet in my office cleaned out and put in shelves.

Don't judge my mess!

6. Sand and paint this little beauty.

I just can't decide on the color - any suggestions?

Did you notice that there are more lamps on there? Yeah, I have enough lamps to light the neighborhood.

Okay, that’s all I can handle for the next few weeks. I also have a few more projects to finish that are half started, like this chair. This is the before pic.

It's painted, but the cushion needs to be re-covered.

Wish me luck!

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