Easy Cinnamon Bun Waffles

I have the tendency to buy tubes of cinnamon buns, and then forget about them. I have grand ideas of how they will be the perfect addition to Sunday morning, while we bond over breakfast on the patio… but instead, they sit in the fridge, usually until it’s time to clean it out, and then I see that they have either passed their expiration date, or that they are almost there. This morning I found two tubes that had a few weeks before they were ready for the trash, and feeling in the mood for cinnamon gooey-ness, I turned on the oven. But then, I remembered this pin!


Thank heavens, because instead of waiting for our ancient oven to warm up (it’s ridiculous how long it takes!), I pulled out the waffle iron.

I am telling you, this has to be the easiest way to make waffles. I just popped open the can, sprayed the waffle iron down with cooking spray, put four buns on the iron and closed.

Sorry for the blurry pic!

In about two minutes, they were ready!

That was too easy!

Then I slathered them with the buttercream frosting that comes in the tube and they were ready to serve!


The very best part of this – well, besides how delicious they are – is that there isn’t much to clean up. Just wipe down the waffle iron and toss out the trash.

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Happy Easter

We are on our way to my sister’s house to celebrate  Easter and my little brother’s birthday.  Before I go, I wanted to share what I have been up to this morning.

To try to pry the kids out of bed  (mine aren’t small anymore, so they tend to sleep in) without having to dump cold water on them, I tried out this pin hoping it would coax them out of their slumber…

From the Hungry Housewife

But I changed it a little. I didn’t mash the butter together with the sugar (I used brown sugar instead) and cinnamon. I put a layer of soft butter, then sprinkled the sugar mixture on top, then rolled them up. They were fabulous!

Nothing like the smell of cinnamon in the morning to get kids out of bed.


I am taking a few things to my sister’s house, including these…

Brownie nests

I saw this pin on Pinterest and modified them by making them brownies instead of traditional cupcakes. My “grass” isn’t as pretty, but it is still delicious 🙂

Cupcake nests on Pinterest

And I made this cake. Have we discussed my apparent  lack of artistic talent yet?? Well, this  sums it up for you. Ha!

Happy Birthday cake!


Well, it’s the thought that counts, right? My inspiration came from this pin…

Easter cake - from Cake Central

Well, we must get going – I can’t wait to see my niece hunt for eggs!

I hope you have a very Hoppy Easter!


Starting a vegetable garden isn’t as easy as it looks…

Maybe a better title for this post would be “I’m a plant murderer”.

A few months back, I was inspired by this pin, and many others like it, to start a vegetable garden.

When to plant chart...

It looked easy enough – plant seeds in little pods, use old concrete blocks to build a raised bed, fill with garden soil, add plants, water, watch them grow, weed the beds and pick lovely veggies/make lots of salads. Uhm… yeah, not so much.

The part about planting the seeds in little starter pods was easy enough, but then the first day I put them in the sun for too long, they all died. All of them.

Okay, I’m not the type of girl to just quit, so I started over. Moved the starter trays to a new position on the porch so it would get direct sun all morning. Re-planted the seeds and waited. This is what I had a couple of weeks ago.

I was pretty excited about all the peppers, but my tomatoes weren't coming up.


I love how they grow in the direction of the sun.

At this point, I tried to put them out in the sun for longer periods of time, but on day two of this part, I forgot about them as we were working to get our refrigerator from the old house moved into the new house, so they got a little wilted in the Florida heat. They went back to being kept under the covered porch for about a week with the hope that they would miraculously un-wilt. I faithfully sprayed them with a water mister every day. Yeah, that didn’t really help, but they weren’t dead. Just wilted and sunburned.

In the meantime, my brother helped to set up the concrete block raised bed. I went to the local soil/rock sellers, where I purchased two yards of soil, and got it delivered to the house. Unfortunately, the driver dropped it as far away from the planting bed as it could possibly be. So, my husband, who must love me very much, made many trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow to fill it up for me. God, I love that man 🙂

Today, I went out to plant the little buggers and it was a mess. I couldn’t get the plants out of the cups. Or, I should say I couldn’t get them out in one piece – they all crumbled and fell apart when I tried to get them out. I tried many methods of extraction… the wiggle, the tap, the pencil pushed through the bottom hole, to dislodge them but none of that worked. I was left with just a bunch of little plants with tiny roots. UGH! I tried to plant what was left of them, but I’m pretty sure they will all be dead by the morning.

I  guess I am starting over tomorrow with seeds, directly planted in the soil. I have to admit that it makes me sad that all those little plants had to die because I don’t possess a green thumb.

Is it ever too late in the season to start a vegetable garden?

Hope your adventures in gardening are better than mine.


18th Birthday

My daughter turned 18 the other day. To be honest, the idea of her being an “adult” both terrifies and excites me. I can’t get over that my baby is old enough to vote, buy lottery tickets and make her own decisions, etc. I see her making plans for someday moving out, and it brings me to tears. I know it’s such an exciting time in her life and I’m happy to see what a fabulous person has grown into, and I know she will do great things, but she is still my “baby” and always will be. I guess the best way to sum it up is that it’s bittersweet. Hold on… I need to get a tissue  😦

Well, anyway, let’s get on with how this relates to Pinterest. I love Pinterest for so many reasons, and one big one lately is that my daughter is on it too. I love all the funny stuff she pins, and more importantly, she has a board for “products she loves”. This board has made my life much easier when it comes to buying presents for her. Because for all her amazing qualities, she is kind of a pain in the tush to buy gifts for. So to help with gift selection, besides the obligatory gifts of clothes and Barnes and Nobles gift cards, I just perused her board for a few ideas…

Super Hero Socks
Whatever Clock

Without Pinterest, how would I have ever known that my 18 year old wanted super hero socks? When she opened those presents, she was delighted. The real kind of delighted, not the “gee, thanks, I always wanted a poster of a kitten in a flower pot” kind of pretend delight. It was fabulous!

To celebrate her birthday, we had a small family party on Sunday. Of course, I used Pinterest to find new recipes and ideas to make it special. Since she likes penguins, especially fat ones, I thought these would be an adorable addition to the table.

Holy crud, aren’t they the cutest?!  Oh, by the way, before I post our version I should point out that about three hours before the party, we lost power due to a brush fire on the next street. We had no power until about a half hour after people started showing up. And when we lose power, we lose water too because we have a well, not city/county water. Ugh – so no showers, or cleaning up! So, in the middle of that mess, I forgot to take “good pictures” of my creations, sorry! Heck, if my little sister hadn’t asked me if I took pics of everything, I wouldn’t have even had this one to share. Crud!

As my daughter also has a thing for dinosaurs, especially stegosauruses, I also made an attempt to make this dinosaur cake.

What I was trying to create…

Unfortunately, the pin I had re-pinned so long ago, wasn’t linked back to it’s original poster, so I couldn’t find out how to make the cake. I figured it couldn’t be that hard, so I tried to figure out how to do it on my own. Mind you, I have no cake decorating background or skills… I must warn you that you should not be drinking anything when you take a look at the next picture, as you make spit it out when you burst into laughter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Just remember that I made this little guy in the dark. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Oh, but he was delicious!

Have you finished snickering and shaking your head in disbelief that I was brave enough to share that lovely creature?? 🙂

Moving on… We also made this lemonade.

From What’s Cookin’ Chicago

Oh my, it was amazing! I didn’t get a picture of our version, as it went way too fast. I’ve already picked up a bunch of lemons and limes to make more, it was that delicious.

We made these…

Rainbow fruit skewers

And I had every intention of making this, but without a working oven I couldn’t, so guess what I will be making tonight for dinner?

Baked Taco Ring

And I have made this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake recipe twice this week, once for her actual birthday, and once for the party, and there wasn’t one piece left when we were done. A-MAZ-ING!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I wish I had more pictures of how our versions of these pins turned out, but I was just focused on making the best of the no-electricity situation as I could and taking pictures didn’t even register as a priority. Next time, I promise to take pics first.

As I’ve said before, I love Pinterest. It’s definitely made our get togethers a little more “special” and a lot more personalized. Can’t wait for this weekend – it’s Easter at my sister’s house, and I know just the pins to try out!

Hope you have a great day – thanks for stopping by!


Cricket is a Pinterest Addict too!

Sorry to have not posted in a while. The last two weeks have flown by. My husband took some vacation time and we went to visit his brother and his awesome family up in South Jersey. Then we joined them for a few days in the Berkshires for some snow tubing and skiing. I can’t get over how easily my ten-year-old son took to it – like he was born to do it. When we got back, we have been doing all kinds of things around the house. Today is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write. Sorry!

I’ve got a lot to share from the last two weeks, and I will soon, but I wanted take this opportunity to introduce you to my friend, Cricket. She is one amazingly resourceful girl. Even before all the rage of thrifting and Pinterest, she was always the creative one of the group. She could take an old door and turn it into a tiki/island inspired desk. Or take dirty, nasty wood from the trash, clean it up (but only a little) and attach it to the wall to look like a picket fence in our friend’s office. (I will be tracking down pictures and adding them soon – it’s too cute not to include here!) She can decorate the pants off of any “professional” I know, and just in general, my crafting/decorating/sewing hero.

Well, anyway, I got her addicted to Pinterest too. I know, I’m a bad influence. You can find Cricket on Pinterest here. Although she doesn’t pin much on her boards, she keeps all the ideas swirling in her mind. Lately, she’s been on a hot streak. This past week, these are the pins she’s duplicated….

Tee to Tank from

Look how cute Cricket’s turned out!

Cricket in her adorable tank

Her son’s friend is a huge Batman fan, so when she saw this pin…

Superhero Aprons from Craftzine

she knew she had to make one for her.

How awesome is this?!


Every year, Cricket and her husband, hold the Super Bowl Party at their house, and the food is always delicious. She saw this pin for cheeseburger cupcakes…

Cheeseburger cupcakes

So, they made the menu 🙂

Cricket's cheeseburger cupcakes

They were so cute, and absolutely delicious! (and they were way less messy than having the frosting on the top!)

Everybody loves a deviled egg, right? Okay, maybe not everybody, but I love them. In keeping with the football theme, these were perfect!

Deviled eggs - via LivingLocurto

Cricket's deviled eggs - Yummy!

Oh, if you look to the left side of that last pic, those pepperoni/mozzarella rolls were Pinterest inspired too! I just didn’t get a good picture of them 😦

well, you can see the whole plate of them in this pic... it's just blurry 😦


I’m sure I’ll be posting more from Cricket – she is always up to something crafty!

Remember, if you want to try any of these projects/recipes  yourself, just click the original pic (from Pinterest).

Have you tried any new pins lately??




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