Re-upholstery project #2 – almost done!!

Yesterday, I showed you some of the chairs I have painted, including this one.

Fresh from a garage sale

Well, obviously, it’s the before picture. I found two of these chairs at a garage sale for $10 a piece. They were clean, and not stinky, and so comfortable. SOLD! Love their shape – but the pattern? Not so much. Since I had priced getting them re-upholstered and found the cost too high, I decided to paint them using the tutorial from Hyphen Interiors.

This is how they turned out…

Black paint and fabric medium makes for one scratchy chair.

And you could still see a hint of the flower pattern underneath from certain angles. But, most importantly, it looked good enough to use until more drastic measures could be taken.

A few months later, I found a upholstery class and decided to sign up. In the first class, I re-upholstered this little beauty…

First upholstery class project – before

And now, it looks like this…

After. All that tufting was a pain in the tush!

If you look closely, you can see that I am not a master seamstress. My cushion was completely askew.  Oh well, I was proud of it anyway.

Which leads me back to the second upholstery piece. This is how it looks right now.

I love the leopard print!

Sorry, but Elvis wasn’t about to give up his resting spot for me to take a picture of the chair without him. I asked him nicely, but he let me know there wasn’t a chance…

Elvis letting me know not to even think about removing him from the chair.

Okay, he wasn’t really hissing, just yawning. LOL! Either way, he wasn’t moving. It’s his favorite chair now.

As you can see, I haven’t attempted to re-cover the seat cushion yet. I have to admit that I might ask someone else to do it. I still have to re-upholster the mate to this chair, and the thought of trying to make both seat cushions gives me a little bit of anxiety. I can barely sew a straight line! At this point, I’m happy that it’s almost done and that the cushions can be used as-is for now. Well, until I learn how to sew better. Or pay someone else to do it.

The class has been completely worth the $73 dollars it cost for eight weeks. If you are looking at some sad chairs that could use some upholstery love, this is an excellent way to learn how to do-it-yourself and save some money!

I have to admit though, my favorite part of taking both classes has been the time I’ve gotten to spend with my friend Jilien, who lives about 35 miles away from me – which is a little further than the grab-a-cup-of-coffee kind of encounters I would love to have with her on a regular basis. So, it’s been great to see her once a week 🙂 Speaking of Jilien, she has turned out to be a re-upholstering queen! I think she’s done about 6 projects in the time the rest of us have barely finished two! I’ll have to get some pics of her work up soon…

So, what are you working on?



Adding a little zebra never hurt anything

The other day, I found this cute little kitchen table and chairs at Faith Farm. It was a little tired and a little dated, but in great condition. Even the caning on the chairs was perfect.

The Before shot

Over this last week, I’ve finally gotten around to updating them. You know the drill… clean them, sand them a little, use primer, then paint. I used an oil based paint (from Sherwin Williams – love their paints!!) because I know it holds up better to chips and scratches – and with four dogs and two cats, that’s important enough to use a stinky oil paint.

I also reupholstered the seats. I used a furry zebra print – and I LOVE  it! My husband is questioning the use of an animal print, but since I’m going to sell the set, I figured I’d go big and bold!

Zebra Chair

I painted some of the details on the chairs black, because without it, it looked a little naked to me. I also painted the ribbon on the bottom of the table top black too. I think it adds just a little bit of “something” to it.

All set for breakfast!

Those roses are from my daughter for Mother’s day – I love when I get to use my “special” vases!

Love the zebra! Glad I have enough left over to make a pillow!

So, what do you think??

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My latest thrift store treasures

I’ve been running around lately looking for fabric for the chairs I am re-covering, and checking little thrift stores and consignment shops for the chairs that I am hopelessly in love with. I’m sure you’ve seen these before – and all over blogland – but I desperately want them.


I haven’t had much luck at all finding them – except for one little shop that had a set of six for $2400! I knew they were expensive, but that’s way more than I want to spend. It made me sad to leave that store without them. I mean, I was seriously thinking about selling a kidney or something to get them, but I wanted to stay happily married and if I spent that much money on chairs, my husband would not be thrilled, no matter how cute they were!

Across the street from that little shop, there is another shop that had chairs kind of like the ones I want. Like, these…

Too small for a dining room.

Loved this one, but it was WAY expensive too!

cute, but not dining room material either.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about finding them. I check Craigslist in our area a dozen times a day, scour eBay for ones that are reasonable, and drool over Kristy’s set that she recently bought for $300 – including a table! ARGH!!! So, if anyone sees a set for sale, let me know ASAP! Thanks 🙂

Anyway… on to what I have found – and purchased!

Yesterday, I found this blue plate. I love blue – it’s my favorite color – so I figured I would find a place for it. Best of all, it was $1.50!

I love the way the light shines through it and makes the table glow.

Then I found this little guy at a new “thrift” shop.

Looks like a peacock to me, but it doesn’t have spots on the tail.

I won’t be going back to that store because they price their stuff all kinds of crazy. Something that is tagged from the store it was originally sold at for $10, will be marked at $9.99 – and they don’t budge on their pricing! But I liked this little guy, whom I call Fred, so I bought him. Not loving the gold, may have to change that soon.

A few weeks ago, at a garage sale, I found this.

Juice-O-Mat – $2

I was so excited because I had seen one on Pinterest and thought to myself that it would be great to find one for our house, but I never see them when I’m out. And then, like two days later, there it was, and for only $2! Not bad when you consider that one exactly like this one is currently up for sale on eBay for $24, and that one is beat-up pretty badly. Since I found it, we’ve had fresh squeezed OJ and tangerine juice, which is actually sweeter than OJ. And the lemonade that I make is delicious in a way that the powder stuff can’t touch! Love it.

I also picked up this little conversation starter at my favorite place, Faith Farm. Loved the price –  only $10!

Globe Bar – from 1974

It’s a little beat up – the paper is coming off the globe part and the arm.

The inside of the globe looks like this.

Inside top of the Globe

Isn’t it fabulous? My grandmother Lois, had one and I loved it because it was so classy looking, and I could picture the old-fashioned kind of dinner parties held around it, everyone with a drink in their hands, men in suits in a circle on one side of the room, ladies on the other – everyone dressed up and looking perfect. Ahhh… there goes my imagination again, sorry. I wonder if I could fix it somehow without ruining the charm of it?

What have you found lately that makes you smile?

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I’m tearing off it’s “clothes”!

A few months ago, I bought two of these chairs at a garage sale for $10 a piece. While the fabric didn’t go with my decor, they were very comfy and soft.

Dated fabric, but it was nice and soft and comfy.

At the time, I didn’t have $350 to re-upholster each of them, so at first I tried to cover them up.

The cover-up

And then, I decided that I would try more drastic measures. I painted them. Yep, PAINT. I used latex wall paint, acrylic paint and fabric medium. You can read about that process here.

Many coats of paint later...

While they looked okay, they were really scratchy. Almost like sandpaper against your skin. I did use a scrub brush and some fabric softener to make the arms a little less scratchy, and then I draped blankets on the back of them to make them a little more comfortable, but quite honestly, every time I looked at them, I cringed. Unfortunately, this house is a money pit, and there was always something more important to fix or replace, so they sat patiently and waited for their turn to feel beautiful again.

My other problem is that I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted in the living room/dining room area, so I wanted to make sure I had made up my mind. To be honest, that still hasn’t happened yet. My idea of how I wanted the living room to look has changed three times since we moved in. Just this week, we were able to sell the grey (gray?) sofa that was in our living room, after only having it a few months.

It was way too modern for the room...

We had to make room for the orange sofa when it is finally re-upholstered.

It's in the middle of being torn apart - well, obviously, not in this picture 🙂

It’s being re-upholstered in a white fabric, and the rest of the room is grey and black and white. Because I can’t seem to commit to one color as my “pop” of color, I am making the big pieces of furniture neutral, and I am going to use accessories and pillows for color. So, with the grey sofa sold, the orange sofa torn apart and sitting in the garage as I work on it, my living room is very empty. It just has the coffee table and the two painted chairs in it… well, that is until this past Tuesday!

After many months of walking by these chairs and wanting to strip them down and start over, I’m finally doing it!! My friend, Jilien, and I signed up for our second upholstery class that started on Tuesday, and these bad boys are being stripped down!

First, I ripped off the skirt... wait, doesn't that make these chairs "ladies"?

At this point, I’m almost done taking all the old stuff off of this one. Of course, I didn’t get any shots of it at the end of the class, but I will before the start of class next week so you can see the progress every class. Before the week is over, I have to get the other one “naked” so I can re-cover both of them at the same time – one at the class, and one at home. Most importantly, I need to pick a fabric. Do I go solid, or patterned? White? Black? Gray? Red??? I have a serious case of “paralyzation by over-analization”.  Someone help me!

These are my friends’ chairs that they will be working on. Love these first two!!

T's chair - before

M's chair - before

Jilien's bar stool - she has two of these to re-finish

Jilien’s bar stool seats were actually covered/draped in a red fabric before class started, but she got that off before I could take a proper before pic!

I’m trying to be better about documenting this class’s before, during and after.  I’m always so amazed at what a little bit of elbow grease and fabric can do to make an old chair, new again.

Are YOU working on anything interesting this week?

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Finally Finished!

A few months ago, I started a upholstery class on Tuesday nights. We each had to bring our own “project” piece with us to class every week. Do you  remember when my chair looked like this?

Yeah, it wasn't pretty

And now, it’s finally finished. Yay!! I have been doing a happy dance every time I see it sitting in the bedroom!

Unfortunately, the paint job didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked through 8 weeks of going back and forth to class, but it makes it look a little distressed and adds some character, so I’m not going to touch it up. For now.

Although I am glad this chair is done, I was sad to see the class end. My friend from high school took the class with me, so it was great to actually get to see her every week (she lives about 40 minutes away), so I’m bummed to miss out on catching up with her. Not to mention that she completely rocked that class! She finished not one, not two, but THREE projects in the time we took the class.

The next session of classes starts next month, so I’ll be signing up again. I figure with all the chairs I have to finish, it’s a great investment of time and money to learn as much as I can about it.

I wish I had the forethought to take before and after pictures of everyone’s projects to share here – some of the transformations were quite amazing. There were all kinds of projects – from footstools to boat chairs to benches and everything in between. And I wish I had paid more attention to what everyone else had going on. It would have been great to see how to do all the different techniques – welting, double welting, tack strips, piecing together fabric, etc. But I was so determined to get my chair finished, I hardly took any time to check out what everyone else was doing. And I hated feeling all nosey and stalker-ish, standing over their shoulders, watching them work…

Last year, I attempted my first chair makeover…

My first attempt at re-upholstery from last year.

Now that I know what I did wrong on the first one, I want to go back and re-do it again to match the new one better. If you could see this one in person, you’d laugh at my lame attempt at a cushion cover (I just made a pillowcase cover for it), and I literally just sewed a piece of fabric around the old double welting that was on the original chair and glued it on. Oh, and forget trying to re-tuft it. Heck, I didn’t even fill in the holes before I stapled on the new fabric. Yeah, not stellar stuff, but at the time, I was crazy proud of it! I guess I still am. I did it way back before I knew about all the amazing blogs with step-by-step instructions on how to re-upholster a chair.

Anyway, I’m going back to pulling the fabric off my orange couch now that I’ve had my tetanus shot updated. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the puncture wounds to a minimum 😛

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