Come on in!

Well, that’s what I would like our front door to “say” to you when you walk up to our house. When we moved in, this is what greeted you.

It wasn’t exactly beckoning for you to enter, was it?

Since then, we’ve added some landscaping, gutters, and painted the patio floor white.

Added some landscaping…

And some gutters

But I still didn’t feel like it was very welcoming. And yes, these pics were from Halloween, so there aren’t tombstones in the front yard normally! LOL! So, I decided to paint the front door, which was white. On top of being kind of boring, it also looked like it was dirty all the time. And our puppy, Gus, knows how to open it by jumping on the handle, so it frequently looked like this.

Smart dog – annoying habit

So, I picked a dark brown from Sherwin Williams called black bean.

Sherwin Williams – Black Bean

Now, I just have to “dress” the entrance area. New welcome mat, a few potted plants and I think it will holler – “come on in!”. Will post follow up when it’s all done.

Thanks for stopping by!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ScottieV
    May 15, 2012 @ 14:01:26

    I love it! Great job… as a side note, maybe the tombstones were scaring people off? ;o)

    (totally kidding of course- you should see our neighborhood at Halloween, it’s nuts!)


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