My latest thrift store treasures

I’ve been running around lately looking for fabric for the chairs I am re-covering, and checking little thrift stores and consignment shops for the chairs that I am hopelessly in love with. I’m sure you’ve seen these before – and all over blogland – but I desperately want them.


I haven’t had much luck at all finding them – except for one little shop that had a set of six for $2400! I knew they were expensive, but that’s way more than I want to spend. It made me sad to leave that store without them. I mean, I was seriously thinking about selling a kidney or something to get them, but I wanted to stay happily married and if I spent that much money on chairs, my husband would not be thrilled, no matter how cute they were!

Across the street from that little shop, there is another shop that had chairs kind of like the ones I want. Like, these…

Too small for a dining room.

Loved this one, but it was WAY expensive too!

cute, but not dining room material either.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about finding them. I check Craigslist in our area a dozen times a day, scour eBay for ones that are reasonable, and drool over Kristy’s set that she recently bought for $300 – including a table! ARGH!!! So, if anyone sees a set for sale, let me know ASAP! Thanks 🙂

Anyway… on to what I have found – and purchased!

Yesterday, I found this blue plate. I love blue – it’s my favorite color – so I figured I would find a place for it. Best of all, it was $1.50!

I love the way the light shines through it and makes the table glow.

Then I found this little guy at a new “thrift” shop.

Looks like a peacock to me, but it doesn’t have spots on the tail.

I won’t be going back to that store because they price their stuff all kinds of crazy. Something that is tagged from the store it was originally sold at for $10, will be marked at $9.99 – and they don’t budge on their pricing! But I liked this little guy, whom I call Fred, so I bought him. Not loving the gold, may have to change that soon.

A few weeks ago, at a garage sale, I found this.

Juice-O-Mat – $2

I was so excited because I had seen one on Pinterest and thought to myself that it would be great to find one for our house, but I never see them when I’m out. And then, like two days later, there it was, and for only $2! Not bad when you consider that one exactly like this one is currently up for sale on eBay for $24, and that one is beat-up pretty badly. Since I found it, we’ve had fresh squeezed OJ and tangerine juice, which is actually sweeter than OJ. And the lemonade that I make is delicious in a way that the powder stuff can’t touch! Love it.

I also picked up this little conversation starter at my favorite place, Faith Farm. Loved the price –  only $10!

Globe Bar – from 1974

It’s a little beat up – the paper is coming off the globe part and the arm.

The inside of the globe looks like this.

Inside top of the Globe

Isn’t it fabulous? My grandmother Lois, had one and I loved it because it was so classy looking, and I could picture the old-fashioned kind of dinner parties held around it, everyone with a drink in their hands, men in suits in a circle on one side of the room, ladies on the other – everyone dressed up and looking perfect. Ahhh… there goes my imagination again, sorry. I wonder if I could fix it somehow without ruining the charm of it?

What have you found lately that makes you smile?

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When the old colors just don’t work anymore

I have a thousand knick knacks, or shelf-sitters/dust collectors – as I call them,  around my house, most of which came from our old house. In the old house, we had a lot of cream and brown and orange going on. In this house, we are shooting for grey and black and white and… well, I’m not settled on my “other” colors yet. In the old house, we had a lot of very heavy furniture too. For example, this was our old living room.

A wee bit heavy, dontcha think?

And (really) old family room picture, even before we painted the walls a lovely shade of pumpkin spice orange. And obviously before I learned about how to dress shelves up! HA! I think I had every knick knack I owned on those shelves. If I was the type to get embarrassed, now would be the time, after showing this to ya’ll!

Circa 2006


Well, now with the house going towards greys and black and whites, I have a bunch of shelf-sitters that need to either be sold, given away or updated to match.

I picked up these pretty candle holders a few months back. I loved the detail, and the elephant heads. But I didn’t love the colors though.

Can you see how the detail is carved into the middle part - not just painted on - too?

Look at the little elephant heads that formed the base!

I just love their little faces

The colors would have been perfect for the old house, but here they didn’t fit in. So, I cleaned them up and gave them a quick coat of primer and then went to town with Rustoleum’s black gloss spray paint.

I love a minor makeover that makes a piece I love usable again!

Love how they seem to have even more detail


I still have a bunch of other accessories that I need to decide if I can “save” them for this house. And those that don’t make the cut will be added to the “yard sale” pile that seems to be growing every day.

Have you made anything old, new again lately?  Tell me about it!


I’m tearing off it’s “clothes”!

A few months ago, I bought two of these chairs at a garage sale for $10 a piece. While the fabric didn’t go with my decor, they were very comfy and soft.

Dated fabric, but it was nice and soft and comfy.

At the time, I didn’t have $350 to re-upholster each of them, so at first I tried to cover them up.

The cover-up

And then, I decided that I would try more drastic measures. I painted them. Yep, PAINT. I used latex wall paint, acrylic paint and fabric medium. You can read about that process here.

Many coats of paint later...

While they looked okay, they were really scratchy. Almost like sandpaper against your skin. I did use a scrub brush and some fabric softener to make the arms a little less scratchy, and then I draped blankets on the back of them to make them a little more comfortable, but quite honestly, every time I looked at them, I cringed. Unfortunately, this house is a money pit, and there was always something more important to fix or replace, so they sat patiently and waited for their turn to feel beautiful again.

My other problem is that I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted in the living room/dining room area, so I wanted to make sure I had made up my mind. To be honest, that still hasn’t happened yet. My idea of how I wanted the living room to look has changed three times since we moved in. Just this week, we were able to sell the grey (gray?) sofa that was in our living room, after only having it a few months.

It was way too modern for the room...

We had to make room for the orange sofa when it is finally re-upholstered.

It's in the middle of being torn apart - well, obviously, not in this picture 🙂

It’s being re-upholstered in a white fabric, and the rest of the room is grey and black and white. Because I can’t seem to commit to one color as my “pop” of color, I am making the big pieces of furniture neutral, and I am going to use accessories and pillows for color. So, with the grey sofa sold, the orange sofa torn apart and sitting in the garage as I work on it, my living room is very empty. It just has the coffee table and the two painted chairs in it… well, that is until this past Tuesday!

After many months of walking by these chairs and wanting to strip them down and start over, I’m finally doing it!! My friend, Jilien, and I signed up for our second upholstery class that started on Tuesday, and these bad boys are being stripped down!

First, I ripped off the skirt... wait, doesn't that make these chairs "ladies"?

At this point, I’m almost done taking all the old stuff off of this one. Of course, I didn’t get any shots of it at the end of the class, but I will before the start of class next week so you can see the progress every class. Before the week is over, I have to get the other one “naked” so I can re-cover both of them at the same time – one at the class, and one at home. Most importantly, I need to pick a fabric. Do I go solid, or patterned? White? Black? Gray? Red??? I have a serious case of “paralyzation by over-analization”.  Someone help me!

These are my friends’ chairs that they will be working on. Love these first two!!

T's chair - before

M's chair - before

Jilien's bar stool - she has two of these to re-finish

Jilien’s bar stool seats were actually covered/draped in a red fabric before class started, but she got that off before I could take a proper before pic!

I’m trying to be better about documenting this class’s before, during and after.  I’m always so amazed at what a little bit of elbow grease and fabric can do to make an old chair, new again.

Are YOU working on anything interesting this week?

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Happy Easter

We are on our way to my sister’s house to celebrate  Easter and my little brother’s birthday.  Before I go, I wanted to share what I have been up to this morning.

To try to pry the kids out of bed  (mine aren’t small anymore, so they tend to sleep in) without having to dump cold water on them, I tried out this pin hoping it would coax them out of their slumber…

From the Hungry Housewife

But I changed it a little. I didn’t mash the butter together with the sugar (I used brown sugar instead) and cinnamon. I put a layer of soft butter, then sprinkled the sugar mixture on top, then rolled them up. They were fabulous!

Nothing like the smell of cinnamon in the morning to get kids out of bed.


I am taking a few things to my sister’s house, including these…

Brownie nests

I saw this pin on Pinterest and modified them by making them brownies instead of traditional cupcakes. My “grass” isn’t as pretty, but it is still delicious 🙂

Cupcake nests on Pinterest

And I made this cake. Have we discussed my apparent  lack of artistic talent yet?? Well, this  sums it up for you. Ha!

Happy Birthday cake!


Well, it’s the thought that counts, right? My inspiration came from this pin…

Easter cake - from Cake Central

Well, we must get going – I can’t wait to see my niece hunt for eggs!

I hope you have a very Hoppy Easter!



Great things are happening around here lately… First, Lindsey from Better After stopped by and left a comment on the chair I re-upholstered. Well, a little confession is necessary here: I did send her the link to it because I was hoping she would use it for her blog, but she didn’t. But, she was kind enough to leave a comment though, which I thought was frickin’ amazing! I did a little happy dance – it was like blogland royalty stopping by to have tea, err.. or something equally exciting.

Then today, Kate from Centsational Girl pinned my chair on Pinterest… you know, this one, the one that brought many of you to my blog 🙂


Well, that just about sent me to the moon! I know that a bazillion pins get pinned all the time, but they don’t get pinned by your blog idol! I woke up the husband to tell him. I was so excited, it couldn’t wait til morning! He managed a “that’s really great, honey” before he rolled over and fell back to sleep immediately. Kate’s blog is the first one I found when I started to read blogs, and it’s still my favorite. That girl has me addicted to spray paint – and she seems like she’s a genuinely nice person too. I know that she probably has no idea who I am, but it doesn’t matter. I am still psyched that she liked it!

But then, after I posted a quick update to Facebook about that, I logged into Pinterest and found out that EMILY HENDERSON from Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV pinned it too!! Holy cannoli!!  She wasn’t so blown away by the concept/idea, I’m assuming it’s because she doesn’t have to be as thrifty as I am, but she commented that she’d try it if she was desperate. Ha! It still made me smile – and wake up my husband – again – to tell him.

I’m as giddy as a school girl… it’s the little things that make me happy 🙂

Hope you had something awesome happen to you today!


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