Keeping it real…

I love to see everyone’s projects, freshly done and perfectly staged. But, what I love more is when I see those projects in action during “real life”. You know, after the bloom is off the rose and stuff starts to pile up… A few months ago, we re-painted the laundry room and my brother helped to build a folding table/basket holding cabinet. (Ok, he did most of the building, but it was my idea! LOL!) You can see that post here. Although this is slightly straightened up… Slightly. Anyway, this is how the laundry room usually looks…

yeah, I use the hooks for things other than just hats...

My husband built a little table to hold up the sink, so we could fit the litter box underneath, and as a bonus it created shelf space to put laundry detergents than were sitting on the washer all the time.

Although the plastic sink is U-G-L-Y, it makes me feel less guilty that it's always full of paint brushes in various stages of soaking/cleaning

This is just half a week's worth of laundry! Ugh.

But I still love it! It’s still nice to have a dedicated space for folding – rather than the dining room table, which is where I used to do it. And I love that it has a space to roll the dirty clothes bins under and just out of the way of the door and walkway. Just looking at this picture makes me wonder if anyone else has problems keeping their handles attached to their baskets? Ours ALWAYS break off!

This is where I cheated just a bit for this post, and made sure to put everything away off the top of the washer. It was too embarrassing to share!


So, that’s how the laundry room is working out for me, many months later. Do you have projects that you’ve done long ago that still make you smile to see them?

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  1. catbird365
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 10:03:28

    It just makes me smile to see that not everyone lives in a perfectly manicured, design magazine centerfold. Thanks for reminding me that my “working” laundry room and kitchen and such are normal and wonderful πŸ™‚


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