Oh boy – I’ve been slacking

Okay, not really slacking completely, but nothing is getting completed around here. For example, I am laying the groundwork for a vegetable garden. So far, I’ve got some seeds planted in some trays and they have sprouted, but then some of them died already because the lids blew off of the trays without me realizing it, and the Florida sun is a killer even in the “winter”. Oops – crud!! Have to start again. UGH! I bought some more soil and seeds and planting a new batch is on my list of things to do tomorrow after the kids go to school.

I have borrowed  uhm…acquired some old concrete bricks for making the raised bed, and the weed blocker that needs to line the bottom is ready to go once I get the truck full of soil to fill it up. Quite excited about the whole thing actually. Hopefully, I’ll get a few tomatoes and cucumbers out of the whole experience. But given that I’ve already killed them once, I’m not exactly feeling very lucky. Wish me luck!

And then there’s the shed…

This is my "BEFORE" picture... it's the only one I have that shows the whole thing!

I got an amazing deal on a five gallon can of mis-tinted Sherwin Williams exterior paint (that they tinted to a beautiful barn red for me once I bought it – I love it!) and I’m ready to start painting, but the darn weather won’t cooperate. It looks like it’s going to pour and then it doesn’t. In fact, I thought the rain was coming so I put out bug killer, and weed and feed, so that it could get watered in, and it DIDN’T RAIN!!  Seriously?! And after I paint it, I have lots of plans to plant pretty flowers and make it look adorable (much to the chagrin of my husband).

While at the paint store, I went through their clearance section and bought a few painting supplies. Okay, a ridiculous amount of supplies. Let’s just say I won’t need another foam roller for many years. And I picked up two test colors for our bedroom – but I haven’t found the perfect shade of royal/navy blue. I need a blue that’s dark, yet bright… does that even exist in a wall paint? I found exactly the right shade in this can, however, I can’t seem to find a color match in wall paint. I love this Rustoleum color – cobalt blue. Wish they had it in more colors.

Blue Perfection

The color match machine won’t pick up the right color because of the sparkle of the paint 😦 but I did put this color to good use this week and I will be posting about it very soon. Like this week. Okay?

And to add to my little list of things halfway done… I am still taking my upholstery class, and I just learned how to tuft a chair! It’s so exciting to learn something that I will actually use! How I wish they had a major in woodworking and power tools in college – I would have definitely signed up for that one! Besides the chair I used for my class project, I’ve also started a few projects at home.



During - still need to paint it too

But like everything else, they aren’t “done”. So many things almost ready for posting, but not just yet. These chairs make me want to run out and buy an upholstery stapler and an air compressor. I think it would be cheaper to buy them both than to pay for ONE chair to be reupholstered! Going to start working on my “pitch” to my husband for that one! 🙂

But for now, I’m going to watch the Oscars! I love when Billy Crystal hosts. Who is your favorite Oscars host??



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