Makeover Monday

I have been enjoying spending time with my kids while they were on Christmas break, so I haven’t been up to my normal amount of projects. I did however start working on this cabinet tonight.

Hmmm… Not the best pic. How about this one?

I picked it up a few weeks ago at my favorite thrift store, Faith Farm, for $25. My husband doesn’t think it’s my style and wanted to know why I bought such a simple cabinet. I kind of like how simple it is. The paint job on it was old, and crackled and pitted, so I sanded it down, with one of my Christmas presents from the hubs…

and put the first coat of Kilz on it before the mosquitoes ate me alive.
I haven’t decided of I should paint it white or black or something more fun.
I like the handles it came with…

But I might be changing them if I find something that will work better. Or I could just clean them up, give them a nice coat of paint and call it a day. What do you think – keep them or get new ones?
I’ve also been trying to sell our old (well, not old really) couch so the new couch can take its place. It might be a while before I can re-upholster the orange beast of a couch, but it is definitely on my short list of things to do. Can anyone else see the potential here?

It weighs a ton, is solidly constructed and it’s got great lines. Not to mention that it was only $19! I know its hard to see past the color. It’s a little overwhelming in person too. In fact, I just asked my son to take his book off of it so I could take a picture for this post, and he asked if I would be posting the “after” pic soon, because it’s horrible! I love how honest kids are 🙂
Sorry I have no completed projects to show, but I will be painting the cabinet tomorrow, and trying a new recipe for Tasty Tuesday. I know I’ve been slacking on those posts. Sorry!
So, what are your plans for this week?
Thanks for stopping by!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. creatively{delicious}
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:04:31

    Hi Eliesa! Can’t wait to see the finished cabinet, I love it already 🙂
    Got some fabric spray today too! Simply Spray fabric paint for upholstery at JoAnn Fabric, it was $12.99 for an 8 oz. spray can. Will try it out tomorrow night or Wednesday and blog about my adventure with it later on this week 🙂

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Have a delicious night Eliesa,
    Sara Dunning


  2. creatively{delicious}
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:16:04

    Oh! I forgot! Here’s my link… I just started, so it’s still kinda bare 🙂

    Have a delicious night,


  3. domestiCate
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:35:01

    I say keep the handles. Give ’em a new coat of paint, but they’re very cool. I definitely see the potential in the couch, too. I wish our thrift stores had some great finds like yours!


    • A Pinterest Addict
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:41:29

      I am thinking that I will keep them, they kind of “go” with the cabinet. Now to decide on what color to paint it. I’m leaning towards a glossy black, but so many of the things in the house are black, so maybe something more colorful. Off to the Home Depot tomorrow – maybe something will jump out at me, screaming, “me me me!!”


  4. Alison @
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 00:29:11

    I think both pieces have incredible potential! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. That cabinet would be a great candidate for an overlay. I pinned this overlay site and am dying to try them out on something: It might give you more options in terms of taking the hardware in a different direction, if you like.

    Take care!



  5. Melinda
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 09:07:49

    It is a great piece, I too wish my thrift store had furniture like the ones you find.
    How about a damask painted in black/grey on a white or bright base color. Like these from Twice Lovely.

    I have been searching for the right piece to try this on, I think I might have a piece. I have a Sideboard type piece that I got from the local free cycle that someone “decoupaged” cut outs from children’s books all over it {it is is as bad as it sounds} I picked it up in the fall but after seeing it in the light of day I was discouraged by the thought of all the sanding it will take to get off the book pages and just stuck my head in the sand. I see it every time get in my van just sitting there in the garage taunting me. I will have to tackle it soon! It is too cold her in Michigan to paint in the garage so I’ll have to wait until spring to paint but I could sand it in the cold……

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    • A Pinterest Addict
      Jan 11, 2012 @ 08:35:23

      Hi Melinda! I love this idea! I think this would be the perfect piece to do this on because of the flat fronts on the cabinet. Now, I have to find a projector. Our house is primarily grays and white and black. Thinking either painting it black, with gray design, or turquoise with white design. What do you think?


      • Melinda Greer
        Jan 11, 2012 @ 09:22:19

        Oh I think turquoise and white would be perfect! I have mostly black and white with tan walls, I’m thinking of adding a bright color but struggling to find the right one (Hubby does not help he thinks everything is “great choice, you know I like everything you do but I also like it just the way it is right now.” ) MEN!

      • A Pinterest Addict
        Jan 11, 2012 @ 13:25:52

        My husband does pretty much the same thing! It would be great to have more local friends that are into this kind of stuff, it makes it so much more interesting 🙂

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