Am I ever on time?

I am usually on time to everything – but barely. That is, except when I travel to see my father in Miami – then I’m always late. Seems I underestimate the time it will take to get there, or the traffic is terrible, or my kids forget something halfway down the road to the turnpike and I have to turn around, causing an hour delay. And also on this blog, where  it seems that I just can’t seem to post on the right days! For instance, today I actually worked out, a day behind Workout Wednesday, when I should have posted about what new workout I tried (have you noticed that I seem to miss that one a lot?). In this case, today I took the dogs for a walk, twice. Once with Charlie, below in the picture, and my awesome neighbor, and once just with the puppy, Gus. It’s not one of the great workout pins I found on Pinterest, but it is a start, and the starting is the hardest part for me.

He's ready to go...

And take for instance that today is Thrifty Thursday, but I didn’t buy anything new lately (other than what I’ve already shared) so I have nothing to report on that front either. Do you see where this is going?? Yep!  I’ve decided  that I’m going to do away with the daily schedule and just post what I want, when I want to  🙂

Okay, moving onwards…

My friend Jilien and I had our first upholstery class and I loved it. Now, I have to find the perfect fabric for the chair, so this weekend I’ll be hitting a few stores. I don’t have any “real” fabric stores around me, so it’s going to be a daylong hike up and down the coast checking them out.

I have to admit something here…I’m terrified of picking the wrong kind of fabric! I have 6 chairs, one couch and the dining set of 6 chairs that I want to re-upholster and I need them all to kind of match, or compliment each other since they will all be in the same area. One wrong pattern, and it all goes to the crapper! UGH! I need someone with serious design whoo-has to come hold my hand!

Here’s a rundown of the pieces I need to cover.

Two of these!


Six of these!


One of these _Thank God!


And two of these

And this is my project chair…

Project chair #2

Which looks an awful lot like the very first chair I re-upholstered…

Project #1

So, I am going to make them match so they can be paired up, which means both of them are going to be re-covered!

Except for the last two, the fabrics will all be in sight of each other, so they need to coordinate. And I still have to pick out fabric for the window treatments! ARRRGGGHHH!!! I feel paralyzed by the task, and I’ve been avoiding it.  Does anyone else freeze up when they have to decide something like this?

That’s it for today. I’ve got to get back to the stacks of laundry that have been trying to get my attention for a week now…

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Shooting myself in the foot

Did you ever do something you later regretted? Yeah, I’ve done a bunch of things I wish I hadn’t, too. But, the other day, I was feeling kind of guilty for snatching up the Stiffel lamps for so cheap ($2 each) from an organization that uses the money they make on sales to help people. So, I sort of mentioned that I couldn’t believe that they were selling Stiffels for $2, but cheap Walmart (sorry, Walmart, but these particular lamps were kind of cheesy) lamps for $39. What kind of sense did that make?

Duh! What was I thinking? Well, when I went on Friday, no more Stiffels in the “last chance” bin, and it looks like they changed the prices on the lamps that were left. So, I’m pretty sure I won’t be finding any little treasures for dirt cheap anymore. That’s what my conscience does to me – makes me open up my mouth and ruin a good thing! I must learn to shut up! Oh well, I guess it’s a good cause so their pricing should be fair to them too.

On a brighter note, while I was there, I did pick up a chair for my upholstery class that starts on Tuesday. Just $19. Not bad considering that it’s in great shape. It would be a perfect candidate for a Tulip Fabric Spray update if I wasn’t going to rip it apart!

Project chair

I also picked up a few silver plated platters.

Silver platters, bowls, etc...

I know I have enough silver platters, but I wanted to experiment on them with Weiman tarnish removing products, but I can’t find the ones I want to try locally! Ggrrrrr… how annoying. I’ll have to order them online, which is a royal pain in the tush. I hate waiting for anything, it makes me nuts! Walmart around me carries their products, but not the instant tarnish remover. I guess I’ll be putting that on the back burner for now.

The little elephant was too cute to pass up, and with animal figures being all the rage right now, I see it looking fabulous with a coat of spray paint, and then gloss, to match my decor. The little blue and white tea set, and the white bowls were added for future use. I think I paid $10 for all of it.

I also picked up a cute little side table, that will look great next to the project chair, once both of them are updated. 


I did see some really nice things that I don’t have the room for or they completely don’t go with the rest of my house, so I thought I’d share them with you. If you live close by, you could run over and pick them up yourself!

First up was this cool wood carving. I am always impressed with how people can take a chunk of wood, and turn it into something fabulous and interesting.

There were two of them, at $12 a piece. Does anyone else find these things interesting?

Next, was this cabinet. 

It is in fabulous condition, and I wouldn’t change at thing about it. It’s rare to find something at FF that doesn’t need an update, but this one is perfect the way it is. It’s priced a little high, but then that seems to be the current trend at all thrift stores.

And finally, this chair was just too cute.

You can see the shape a little better from this angle, but that stool is in the way, sorry.

They wanted $199 for it. I wouldn’t pay that much for it retail! I can’t help it, I’m cheap/thrifty/budget aware. Whatever you want to call it, it pains me to spend a lot of money on something.

Also this week, we found a killer deal on a pre-loved shed on Craigslist. It got moved over here yesterday, but it sustained a little damage so I can’t move stuff into it yet. Major bummer. This pic is from yesterday before we moved it from the original owner’s house.

Isn't she a beauty?

The shed mover is coming back tomorrow to fix her up and then I can move some of the stuff currently in our garage over. I plan on setting up half of the garage to work on furniture and projects, so to say I’m excited about this shed is an understatement! Not to mention that I will actually be able to get to the garden tools and fertilizers without killing myself in the process. I would post pictures of our fabulously overstuffed garage so you could see what a mess it is, but you would lose respect for me big time!

I even have big plans for the side of the shed too – including setting up a little planting table and adding some landscaping and window boxes. Now, to pick colors to repaint it. I would love something bright and colorful, but my husband would prefer that it blend into the background. I’m sure we’ll find a compromise though. There are so many examples of great sheds on Pinterest, now I just have to convince him that it could stand a little color at least 🙂

Image from

So that’s it for me today. What projects are you doing now?

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My week in review…

Things have been a little quiet around here in terms of projects. I know, shocking, right? Well, to be honest, I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut on a couple of things. Like what to paint on this cute little cabinet now that the base paint is done.

This is the BEFORE picture

It’s now painted a beautiful shade of Night Tide, by Rustoleum. Love the color, it’s yummy!

I would love to do something like this – as recommended by Melinda.

From Twice Lovely

Isn’t it the cutest? But I’m hesitant because I’m afraid of committing to a design. Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t found the right one yet? Either way, it’s sitting in the middle of the living room, waiting for me to make a decision. Oh, and I don’t have a projector, nor the best artistic talents in the world. I’m more of a stick figure kind of girl. For example, this is a project I worked on with my son and his friend this past weekend.

That's as good as it gets

Since I have a ton of materials laying around from when I tried to transfer photos onto wood boards, I decided we would make new art work for my son’s bathroom since he has decided that he doesn’t like his nautical themed bathroom. I told him that if he could come up with a free way to change the decor, we would do it.  We used painters tape to tape off a design and then, painted the board. Well, after seeing how well this turned out, it looks like he’s stuck with a few boats in his bathroom for a little while. But it was fun to do artsy stuff with him and his buddy, so it was worth it.

We had to buy a new dishwasher because our old one decided not to work anymore. The control panel on it went, and it would have cost more to get that fixed than to buy a new one, so the husband put it in this week. It seems that something else breaks every month in this house, and it’s causing me nightmares of the whole house collapsing around me. Anyone else have these dreams after they bought their house, or am I the only weird one?

The side yard is finally done. It looks so much better!

It feels like we've gained thirty more feet of space!

Can you see a glimpse of the neighbors house?? I told you there was one back there!

No more jungle!

I’m glad it’s over and done with. We only have three more areas to clear out… ugh.

Today, I found yet another macaroni and cheese recipe that looked delicious. This one is from Macaroni and Cheesecake – doesn’t the name of the blog just make you drool?

From Macaroni and Cheesecake

And even though I didn’t have the right kind of shells, or the dijon mustard, I improvised with elbow macaroni and deli mustard. Okay, so here are a few of my observations…

  1. It didn’t take 20 minutes on low before all the milk was gone, more like 8 minutes after letting it come to a simmer.
  2. It was really stiff, not creamy. I added butter and more milk, which helped a little.
  3. I prefer the full fat, lots of butter kind of mac and cheese, but I wouldn’t say no if someone offered it to me.
  4. This might have all been due to the changing of ingredients, so don’t blame the recipe. If you try it and get better results, let me know!

Next time, I’m trying the Panera recipe, which my daughter LOVES!

Panera Mac & Cheese - the best I've ever had!

And finally, for as many pins that I’ve pinned about fitness, I haven’t started a program yet. Partly because I’ve been sick, and partly because it’s frickin’ hard to just get off my arse and go! But I need to get to a healthy weight, and build muscle and feel better, so, today, I decided to just do it! I have been so stressed out that I had to clear my head and what better way to do that than to exercise and spend some time with a buddy? Here is my exercise buddy…


I love this action shot 🙂 Out of all four dogs, he’s the best exercise companion, because he knows to stay out from in front of the bike! We took a ride around our “block”, which is a pretty long walk/jog for him and a good start for me. And tomorrow, we will repeat. Maybe I’ll try to get the puppy out for a spin too, get him trained early. A girl can never have too many exercise buddies.

And that’s it for this week. If any one has any cool design ideas for my cabinet, please let me know.

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The Liebster Blog Award

Yesterday, in the midst of being downright crabby and stressed out about everything, my phone chimed to let me know that I had an email. When I opened the email, it was a notification about a comment made on my “about me” page, and this is the body of the text…

“I love reading your blog! You do all of the projects I wish I had the time to do! Sadly there aren’t enough hours in the day and with a baby and a toddler I have to pick projects that won’t result in toddler fingerprints in paint through the house or anything they can get into (sadly most of the projects I want to do) so I am living vicariously through your blog! Thank you for sharing (I also nominated you for a Liebster award.)”

It was from Kirstin over at The Diligent Housewife. What?! Immediately, my grouchy mood broke and I was smiling, and it was a big one. You know, that kind of smile that makes people wonder what you are up to. How awesome is that?  I’m beyond touched that she nominated me. Go check out her blog – I love how down to earth and friendly she seems.

Let me explain what a Liebster Award is, because I had no idea what it was before I Googled it.

“Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favourite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs.”
And, here’s the to-do list of any Liebster award recipient:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other bloggers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma! 

So, here are my top five picks!

1. Goodbye Whoopee Pie – perhaps the funniest blog about finding yourself and then, loving what you find. Oh, and she has a cat named Charlie Babbitt, loves glitter and googly eyes, and when I read what she writes, I wish that she lived next door to me so we could discuss it all over coffee. You will love her and want to be her best friend, I promise.

2. Good day, Sunshine – okay, I admit that I only ever found this blog because the writer/blogger has the same name as me – Eliesa. Do you know how rare that is? Crazy rare. (she found me on Pinterest – it’s weird to see that “Eliesa pinned “x” to “y” board, and it’s not me! Is this how all the Jennifers and Christines feel when they see their name too??) It might have started that way, but I have gone back because there is such a sweetness about her, and I love their pictures of their newlywed life, and they seem so darn HAPPY. It’s infectious.

3. Pig and Paint – I love this blog because she tackles just as many projects as I do, however, she takes much better pictures. Cooking, painting, sewing… she’s a jack of all trades! And I just love the name of her blog too – makes me think of a paint covered pig, running around a little farm, making a mess. Kind of how I feel sometimes 🙂

4. Real Food For Less – As a person who needs to lose a few, okay, a lot of pounds, this blog is inspiring for me. Wendy has lost 120 pounds, the healthy way – eating well and lots of exercise. She includes ideas for healthy snacks, encouragement and isn’t preachy. And she’s super nice too!

5. Design Pill Blog – Diana is a createaholic – sounds like a girl after my own heart! She has a degree in Interior Design and she’s just starting her own company. I think she might have to come on over and help me figure out my design mess! And I can’t wait to find out what her Naughty Banana page is going to be about…

I hope you stop by and say hi to my nominees, I know it would make their day!

Thanks again for stopping by, checking out my blog and leaving comments and asking questions. They make me happy, and I love knowing that people are reading my blog and liking it!


I like shiny stuff

After many months of going to my favorite thrift store and coming home with many treasures, my husband wanted to see what was so great about the place. Yesterday, he finished work early and we headed over. I have to say, he wasn’t really impressed at first. But then I dragged him around and showed him all the places to find the best stuff. Since we were only there to look, we didn’t buy any of the big cabinets we found, or the end tables that I liked (but have no place for) or the adorable chairs that were screaming out for me to save them. We did however, find this silver plated tray.

Not so shiny

It had definitely seen better days, but it wasn’t dented or damaged other than the almost black tarnish in many spots. Since I’ve picked up many of these pieces before, I knew my $2 investment would be a solid one.

Some of the worst spots

Besides, I’m a sucker for detail, and this one had lots of it. And today, I set about trying to clean it.

A few months back, I bought one of those tarnish removing plates that you put in hot water with some “activator”, and the tarnish is supposed to fall off. At the craft fair, where I fell for itpicked it up, it worked like magic! Little did I know that every night, they put the pieces they “magically” clean of tarnish right in front of your eyes, into a tarnishing solution to make them black and ugly. So, imagine my surprise when I used it at home and NOTHING happened. What? No magic? No. But, like a glutton for punishment, I always try it first, hoping that it will work as promised. And if nothing else, it’s some place to start. So, into the water it went. Nothing really happened except a few dark orange/yellow spots appeared. I took it out and tried Tarn-X.  I’ve been told Tarn-X is no good for the silver by some people, but other people rave about it.

Don't let the clean plate fool you - Tarn-X wasn't responsible for that shine!

Let’s just say, I’m not impressed. I tried it, per the directions, two or three times. Nothing. And it stinks to high heaven!

And finally, I used my tried and true, Weiman Silver Cream. This has been the only product to effectively take the tarnish off every piece I’ve tried it on.

Weiman Silver Cream

I love, love, love this stuff! I would recommend it to anyone. It’s gentle, it doesn’t smell, and most importantly, it works.

And now, my little silver-plated beauty looks like this!


And this is a picture of the exact spot above, after I got done with it.

Yay for Weiman's!

Not bad for twenty five minutes of labor. I plan on using it by my bathroom sink to corral the things I use everyday, like my toothbrush/toothpaste/cup, etc. It makes it a whole lot prettier than just having them laying about all willy-nilly. The one I have there currently is headed to the husband’s side of the bathroom for his few things, since it’s smaller and everything he uses would fit nicely inside. Guys have it so easy 😛

Also on this trip, we picked up this lamp.

Yep, it's a Stiffel

It even has it’s original finial, which is a pretty rare occurrence when I find them there. This is the third Stiffel I’ve picked up there; the other two I picked up for $2 a piece. We paid $17 for this one. I can’t complain though, it’s my favorite one so far. It really needs to be cleaned up, but both times I cleaned the tarnish off the others, I think I over-cleaned them and now they are very brassy looking.

As I sit here adding photos to this post, I am realizing that I really need to create a space in the house to take pictures of my treasures, so that they look terrific, not trashy. But, know me well enough to know that even if I had that space, I probably wouldn’t use it because that would require planning and not just using my iPhone for all my pics!

All in all, my husband wasn’t overly impressed. I think he should come with me on a Saturday morning as they are unloading a truck to really get a sense of what goes on there, because the craziness and chaos is half the fun!

Have you found anything great lately while thrifting? Tell me about it!


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