Photo Friday

Yesterday, we awoke to a very foggy day. I love foggy mornings because it makes the world feel peaceful and calm. Since it was Thursday, a school day, I had to drive my son to school. We headed out to the car, and could barely see 50 feet ahead of us. It was a little spooky, I have to admit.

As we drove down our dirt road, we were treated to some of natures more awe inspiring works of art. Spider webs. Hundreds of them.

Cocooning stop signs…

Hanging from fence posts



Covering lights

And guard rails…

Each web completely unique. The dew drops clung to each strand and made what is normally invisible, visible. I didn’t have my “real” camera, so I was afraid I would miss capturing them before the dew evaporated and once again made them just creepy, crawly remnants of a spider’s food catcher. I dropped the boy child off and rushed home, making sure to obey all traffic laws, and grabbed my camera. I drove back down the street, where we saw some of the more impressive webs and started snapping away.

I know a lot of people are creeped out by spiders and their webs, and I don’t especially want to be sharing my personal space with them either. But you have to admit that they are amazing, beautiful creatures. Okay, some of them are just your ordinary boring black or brown, but some are spectacularly colored and shaped.

I know that these pictures aren’t something I pinned to Pinterest and attempted to copy on my own, but I really loved capturing them and couldn’t wait to share them with you!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 10:12:50

    Very cool, great pictures!


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