Tasty Tuesday… Not :(

My day started with backing up my entire computer so I could take it to the Apple store for some work. Backing up took HOURS! I have a bazillion pics on it and backing them all up was a pain in the tush. When I explained the problem to the Apple Genius (it always makes me laugh to call them that) I thought it was going to be an easy-peesy fix and I would be coming home with my iMac all fixed up and pretty. Uhm…Not so much. It’s going to be DAYS before I can pick it up! Egads!
I then spent literally all day running here and there doing errands, then bringing my son to his Academic Games competition, and straight to soccer (last game of the season, thank heavens!) and finally returned home at 8:30! I was exhausted and dragging when we got home, and the last thing I had the energy for was the cake I was going to make. Since I have already made a bunch of recipes from my pins, I was thinking I could post some of my previous attempts… And then it hit me – I HAVE NO PICTURES!!! Everything is on the computer and the external hard drive. Ugh! Even my pictures from my iPhone are on the computer since I had to replace my phone on Monday too. Its been a long technically challenged week for me šŸ˜¦ I feel kind of naked without my computer. Does anyone else have withdrawal when you can’t get online on your “real computer”? I mean, I know I can do a lot on the iPhone, but it’s not the same as having a keyboard and mouse, and a screen bigger than two inches. By the way, is anyone else having issues with Facebook and Pinterest on their iPhone? Mine is spazzing out lately, even with a brand new phone.
Anyway, I’m choosing to look at being “unplugged” as a positive thing…Tonight, I’m going to get to bed early. Tomorrow, I’ll clean the house and get the laundry done. Start a few long put-off projects. Maybe even finish painting the baseboards in the hallway and living room. Then, I hope I can figure out how to post pics in my post for tomorrow using the iPhone app for WordPress. Workout Wednesday may actually include an honest-to-goodness workout! Oh, who am I kidding with that last one? Maybe I should re-name it “Wishful Thinking Wednesday” šŸ™‚

Good Night, All!


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