Oh crud, I missed it again

Yesterday was Makeover Monday and I missed it. Blame it on the all-day-long headache, or that it was Monday after a lovely four day weekend, or that I got my new camera and that was all I could focus on (get it, “focus” on? I kill myself!) … whatever. I missed it. But, now, I’m going to post about my week’s makeovers anyway and you can’t stop me!!

I have this painting, the only real painting I own and it recently needed some help. I bought it from someone that bought it from an auction, and I love it. Here’s what it looked like before…


Yes, I realize that this is a horrible picture of the painting, but unfortunately, iPhoto decided to stop working correctly for me and I had to rebuild the entire photo library and it didn’t put things back the way I had them. Therefore, I can’t find squat. Technical issues seem to be piling up around here lately… Anyway, that’s it, up on the wall in our old house.

And here it is up on the wall in the new house, however the walls weren’t painted yet. Okay, so technically they are painted, just not the color I wanted them to be…

Painting - new house...

Do you see the navy on the wall? Yeah, that didn’t stay long. It got painted over in black. Then again in a blue/purple gray, and finally in the perfect shade of gray for my house. But this is not about the wall makeover, this is about the painting. How do you makeover a painting? Well, first, it falls off your wall and the frame cracks all the way through. Oops. How did it fall off? I have absolutely no idea since it has been hanging on the walls of my houses, using the same hooks, for years now. But it simply FELL OFF THE WALL!

The lovely crack...

I made every attempt to mend the frame, however, it is made of foam. Yes, foam. I didn’t know they made frames of foam, but I’m learning all kinds of new things lately. Anyway, I ended up using gorilla glue to keep it together and it worked, but was not pretty.

Enter black spray paint. Yep, two coats of the beautiful stuff made it all better. Well, good enough to hang again for now anyway. If you look behind the painting, you will find that the painting is literally taped onto the frame using duct tape and some staples. The frame, being foam, wouldn’t hold the nails it once had to anchor the picture into it. Good thing no one looks behind artwork, huh?

The wonders of spray paint never cease to amaze me...

I like it better now that it’s all black in the space too.

And here it is again...

The gold color that it was didn’t quite work with everything else in the area.

And so, while I had the spray paint out, I decided that this table…

Front entrance table - before

needed to be updated to match the new gray/black/white thing going on in the room. So I went to my Pinterest Boards and found all the tutorials on spray painting furniture. Like this one from Creations by Kara. Click the pic to be taken to this link – oh boy, there I go again, being an unintentional poet!

from Creations by Kara

And so, I sanded lightly and  primed…

I used Valspar primer - (don't worry, it got an additional coat of primer after this)

And then finally painted in Valspar Black Glossy spray paint. It took about ten coats on the top, and it is still not perfectly smooth. I don’t know why the tops of dressers, tables, etc always get so splotchy looking? Any ideas on how to prevent that? I even tipped the piece back while I was painting it to see if would help. It didn’t.

Entrance table - after

I’m going to give it a few weeks to cure completely and then sand down the top and use the Valspar black enamel paint I used for the side tables. It was easy to use, coated like a dream! I am not sure why I didn’t just use it on the flat surfaces to begin with, but something about having that spray paint in hand makes it hard to stop! Besides the splotches, I LOVE it! For those of you who can’t help but notice that the tile is U-G-L-Y, yeah, it’s on the list of things to change. For now, it’s best to just look away and pretend it’s not there.

I’m trying to decide if I should move the table underneath the painting, or leave it on the other side of the entry way. Suggestions?

Anyway, that’s it for a late Makeover Monday!

Oh, one more “makeover” of sorts started yesterday. Me and the hubby started Weight Watchers! We intend to have a compitition, which I know he will win since he’s a guy, but it will keep us on track a little better than if there wasn’t any incentive. So, I’m off to find some Weight Watchers recipes for Tasty Tuesday. I’m going to miss all the fattening stuff I used to be able to try 😦

Wish me luck in kicking his booty. I’m a terrible loser – in every sense of the word.


My Week of Thanksgiving

It’s been quiet here for the last few days because I was getting ready to host Thanksgiving at our house, and then recovering from the event for two days. Every year, I think it should be easier since I’ve done it so many times now, but in reality, it’s always a crazy flurry of activity until the day arrives. Then in ten minutes, dinner is eaten, and all that is left is the mess and the memories.

This year, in true Addict fashion, I did quite a bit of experimenting with pins for the occasion. If you want to check out the original blog posts, just click on the picture.  Not going to get too detailed, but here’s what we tried…

If you recall, I posted about some hurricane lamps that I found at Walmart here. I found this pin and knew it would be the one I would use for Thanksgiving.

from My Hearts Desire

This is how mine turned out. The bags of dried beans cost about a dollar a bag, so for three dollars, I love that I got to re-use the vases as center pieces on the tables.

My version

We made place cards using this pin as inspiration, but tweeked it a little because they kept falling over on us!

from Centsational Girl

I swear, I must learn how to just stop what I am doing and take a few minutes to take a good picture! Sorry it’s kind of a cruddy pic, but you get the idea!

Clothes Pin Place Card Holders

And here they are in action…

Card holders...

Many weeks ago, I pinned this recipe. It looked easy, and after reading the reviews, I had to try it.

from Big Red Kitchen

It turned out to be pretty tasty, but heavy. I think next time I’ll only add 3/4 a can of the pumpkin and maybe some milk. No pictures of said cake, because I got a little too busy around the time that dessert was served and I forgot. UGH!

This was the year of the mini Thanksgiving… mini apple pies

from Little Bit Funky

Our version

These tasted delicious, but we couldn’t get them out of the pan without having them fall apart, so we pried them out and put them in a traditional pie pan and called it Apple Pie Crumble.

We also made mini pumpkin pies…

from Make and Takes

Our mini pumpkin pies

I don’t know how the other people make theirs so darn pretty!! Ours always looks like a failed science experiment. These were delicious though, so that’s all that matters 🙂  I did attempt to make fresh whipped cream, but it didn’t exactly work out as planned. It ended up just looking like melted ice cream. My brother said I should have chilled it more. Probably. Next time, I’ll try that. I have a half gallon of heavy cream to experiment with.

I liked all the banners that I saw all over Pinterest like this one…

from The Kurtz Corner

So we made one too! My daughter did an awesome job putting it together. We just used scrapbook card stock, glittered alphabet stickers, little clips and some ribbon. What’s nice about the way we did ours is that we can re-use the letters for different occasions. I can’t find large alphabet stencils or stamps – any one have any ideas where to get them? I tried Michaels, but they only had tiny ones. My artistic abilities don’t go so far as to be able to free hand lettering.

Give Thanks!

And so, that’s how I used Pinterest for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to try all the ones I found for Christmas so far!

This crazy weekend

Don’t get excited by the title, it wasn’t crazy in a Girls Gone Wild kind of way, but as-in an insanely busy weekend! I started the weekend off by posting a bunch of furniture and home goods on Craigslist. I’ve been tripping over all the stuff that was in the old house that doesn’t fit in the new house. The husband was getting irritated that everything was all over, and to be honest, it was getting on my nerves too. So onto Craigslist it went. Framed art, vases, mirrors, lamps, curtains, etc. When I got everything together in the front room to take pictures, it almost filled up the room!!

One of the first things I posted was our old living room set. For lack of a better picture, this is the old set, minus the chair.

The old living room furniture...

This picture was taken one of the first days we were in the house, before I had a chance to paint and take down the old lady  window treatments. I kept saying that I wanted to lighten up the furniture in the house, both in color and  in size. Everything we owned was heavy, dark and formal. It was clashing with my Mindful Gray color on the walls. And I wasn’t re-painting. Again. Right away we had a bunch of responses, most creepy and some spam-ish. But we got a call from someone coming from over an hour away that ended up picking the whole set up on Saturday!! Yay!

After they left, seeing the living room empty was kind of a shock.  Uhm… where was that little voice inside my head that should have been screaming, HELLO ELIESA!!! It’s almost Thanksgiving and we are having 17 people over for dinner! I guess I didn’t honestly think it would sell so quickly! Oh well, too late to reconsider. Bye-bye dark living room, hello something different!!

Now, how was I going to fill it back up? My self imposed rule for re-furnishing the living room was to not spend more than I just got for the existing set ($750). So, I scoured Craigslist. I found a couch about an hour away and we picked it up tonight, after we stopped by Ikea to pick up a few more things. Hey, when you are in the immediate area of Ikea, one must stop, right? Back to the couch… well, I love it!

new sofa

It’s a light gray, more modern than I would normally choose, but I like that it doesn’t have loose cushions, it was clean, it was long and it wasn’t too “heavy” for the room. I paid $350 for it, but I had looked it up online and I know that they are selling for about $1500, so I feel pretty good about it. Unfortunately, on the way home, it poured and everything got wet where the tarp didn’t cover all the way. Ugh. No worries though, we toweled it off and pulled out the blow dryer and all is fine!

This morning, I was checking Craigslist again and found some chairs at a yard sale that looked promising. Two of them were tailored pieces with older tropical fabric, but that can be fixed. I loved the shape of them. I hopped in the car and headed over. When I got there, they were in great condition. They looked like they had been sitting in a formal room at your Grannie’s house, where no one is allowed to sit on them! YAY!  The ad said they were $30, and I thought that was for each. There were three, but I didn’t need the one that swiveled. Turns out that he wanted $10 a chair!!  I have to admit, that they are kind of not beautiful right now, and I won’t be able to get them re-covered before Thanksgiving, but they will look fabulous once we get them re-upholstered in something gray and black and graphic (maybe?). For $20, even if they didn’t turn out to work well in the space, I could put them back on Craigslist, right?

Moving on… Remember these?

Uhm... yellow side table with Italian marble top, anyone?

Well, I cleaned them up and painted them, and now they look fabulous next to the new couch! The marble table tops are the perfect gray for the space, and the new color breaks up all the gray going on in the room.

Hmmm…Technically, I paid for them last week, before I decided to just re-do the living room, so the $99 doesn’t really need to come out of the budget, right?? Come on…I still need money for the rug, and new curtains, and lamp shades! Oh, and accessories! I am going to re-do the lamps I found at Faith Farm, but none of them have shades. They don’t match each other either… is that a no-no? What if I find matching shades?

I also re-finished these babies. I am using one in our bedroom and I’ll put the other between the two chairs I bought today. They look lovely. Can’t wait to show you!

Glass tables - before

Edgar built the Ikea shelves we bought for our closets, so everything was pulled out of the closets and I’m still in the process of putting things the way I want them. Because I’m insane, I re-painted (as in, I already painted when we moved in here, but decided to do it AGAIN!) my closet last night a gorgeous shade of blue/green called Newburg Green (a Benjamin Moore color). I like the color a lot, but I thought it would be bluer, so I was surprised to see how Philadelphia Eagles green it looked. No matter, it’s fabulous against the white shelves. Now, I have to paint the Thomasville faux bamboo chest of drawers, and I’ll be all set. I can’t believe that I haven’t had a functioning closet since July. It will be nice to hang my clothes somewhere, instead of on the back of chairs in the bedroom.

I did a bunch of other stuff too to get ready for the holiday, but I’m so tired right now that I can’t think any more… which makes typing pretty hard. 🙂 Will reveal the room once it’s all put back together, but right now, it’s still a jumble of stuff all over the place.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Photo Friday

Yesterday, we awoke to a very foggy day. I love foggy mornings because it makes the world feel peaceful and calm. Since it was Thursday, a school day, I had to drive my son to school. We headed out to the car, and could barely see 50 feet ahead of us. It was a little spooky, I have to admit.

As we drove down our dirt road, we were treated to some of natures more awe inspiring works of art. Spider webs. Hundreds of them.

Cocooning stop signs…

Hanging from fence posts



Covering lights

And guard rails…

Each web completely unique. The dew drops clung to each strand and made what is normally invisible, visible. I didn’t have my “real” camera, so I was afraid I would miss capturing them before the dew evaporated and once again made them just creepy, crawly remnants of a spider’s food catcher. I dropped the boy child off and rushed home, making sure to obey all traffic laws, and grabbed my camera. I drove back down the street, where we saw some of the more impressive webs and started snapping away.

I know a lot of people are creeped out by spiders and their webs, and I don’t especially want to be sharing my personal space with them either. But you have to admit that they are amazing, beautiful creatures. Okay, some of them are just your ordinary boring black or brown, but some are spectacularly colored and shaped.

I know that these pictures aren’t something I pinned to Pinterest and attempted to copy on my own, but I really loved capturing them and couldn’t wait to share them with you!!

Thrifty Thursday… errr, I mean Thrifty Friday!

My favorite thrift store, Faith Farm, had a huge sale this weekend in honor of Veteran’s Day. I showed up at opening time, 9 am, and there was a line already all the way down the length of the building. People looking for a bargain always know when the big sales are and everyone showed up to the game! People were running the back of the store, where the pre-loved furniture is kept. By the time I got back there, approximately 9:05, there were SOLD stickers everywhere! I was on the lookout for two things… a bedside table for my son’s room and a small magazine/coffee table for between our two new chairs in our bedroom. Right away, I found this for my son’s room.

Bedside Table

It was marked down to $19, but it was an additional 50% off, so $9.50! Not bad for a solid wood cabinet. It’s perfect for his space 🙂

Then, I found these. Don’t be scared for me, I haven’t lost my mind.

Side tables and Coffee table

They were dirty… and YELLOW. But more importantly, they had Italian marble tops, in GREAT condition! My thrifting buddy, Cricket, said they were hideous. I saw potential. They were mine for $99. They would go great in our new grey living room!

Then I saw these…

Glass side tables

Yes, they were tacky gold with a funky mirror with gold veining. Nothing that some elbow grease and spray paint won’t help!

After that, I found a chair I simply couldn’t say no to. It was in great condition, and comfy too! I thought I could re-cover the cushion and paint it to match my daughter’s room, but she didn’t want it. So, it went to the boy child’s room too!

Wicker Chair

People were going a little nuts all around me. I thought for sure there would be some fist fights over some of the nicer couches, but the salesmen were keeping everyone in line.  I was just about to leave when this got brought in.


I checked it out, pulling drawers, looking for damage. It was a Thomasville desk, with gold/copper leaf on the top. It’s a little banged up, but again, nothing a little sandpaper and stain won’t fix. For $149, I thought it was well worth the investment. It’s going to be great in the family room!

I could tell you that that’s where the spending ended, but I don’t like to lie. I found another lamp, a beautiful mirror that weighs a ton, and something else… crud, what was it?? I swear, I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached!

I’ve been hard at work making over a couple of the pieces already, and I’ll update you on them on Makeover Monday.

So, have YOU bought anything thrifty lately? Tell me about it!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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