My current project

Currently, I’ve been working on our laundry room. When we moved here, it was one of the first things I wanted to do, but it kept getting put off because of the nine hundred other things that took priority over it, like getting the water system working. This is the laundry room “before”.

   Like all the other rooms in the house, except for the kids’s bedrooms, it was painted a depressing cream. The entire house was painted, from baseboards to ceilings, a dirty, dingy cream color that just made me depressed to be in the house. Unfortunately, the tile is the same sad color too, and it runs throughout the house. Sorry, I’m getting off topic.  Anyway, as you can see, the laundry room is pretty narrow. It sits at the end of the hallway, and leads to the garage, so it’s a high traffic area. There was no space for laundry baskets or to sort clothes, etc. . Although I liked that it had that storage piece in there, I desperately wanted a table to fold clothes on. In the old house we had no room to fold either, so all the clothes were folded at the kitchen table. This was a royal pain in the tush because with four people living in the house, there was always laundry on the table and it looked so trashy. Since we’ve moved here, I’ve been doing the same thing here too, except on the dining room table which is right next to the front door. Highly embarrassing to have our undies on display when people “stop by” unexpectedly to see the new house.

In true “me” fashion, I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas for a table/cabinet/place to stash the laundry baskets. I’ve found quite a few that I would love to have. Here are a few of my favorites…

I liked the long table right over the washer and dryer.I like the space for the dirty clothes bins

I love the skirt around the washtub (ours is very similar)

And finally, I loved the cabinet in the corner, but I need it for basket space.

So far, we have replaced the old washer and dryer with the ones we had at our previous house. They are the Electrolux ones in teal, so our color palette is already sort of set. I found an “oops” paint in a lighter shade of teal at Home Depot which is as close to perfect for the room as I could get. Unfortunately, it was a custom color match, so it has no name. Last week, my brother moved the cabinet in the corner to the garage, and I painted the room. The trim and doors were painted white to match the rest of the house, and it almost immediately got rid of the dingy feel of the previous colors. I love white for it’s ability to cheer a place up!

I couldn’t find any kind of cabinetry that fit exactly what I needed at any of the big box stores, and I didn’t want to pay a fortune to have one custom made. So, off to the Home Depot we went. I love that place. It makes me happier than any clothes store ever has. We bought all the supplies on Wednesday and on Friday, my brother came over to assemble the cabinet. It is almost done except for the painting and finishing touches. Which is what I am doing today. I would have loved to have finished the table top in some cool way, like this…

But I don’t have the time, or the liver, to collect all those bottle caps 😦 I also thought a penny table top would be cute, but I decided against it when I realized that no one would ever get to see it under the piles of clothes!

I think I am going to just paint it, then tape off a design, paint it again and call it a day. Even without the whole project finished, I am happier than a pig in poo right now, as I finally have a place in the “laundry room” to do laundry! When I finish, I’ll post the “after” pics. Wish me luck!

Have any recommendations for a cool table top?


Bathroom update

 As much as I hate to admit it, I am not the most creative designer on the planet. I AM pretty good at taking an idea and making changes to it so that it works for me. When I first started reading design/craft/home making blogs, Just a Girl’s blog was one of the first I started stalking, I mean following, and I fell in love with her bathroom renovation.

 (photo courtesy of

When we moved into the new house, I knew I wanted to do something similar with my son’s bathroom. This is the bathroom when we bought the house.

Just like everything else in the house, it was all builder grade and boring.

And so began the makeover. We changed out the sink and bathtub/shower faucets, painted the walls white, the ceiling a pale blue and the cabinets black, and changed the hardware on the cabinet doors. I chose to go with more of a nautical feel rather than a beachy theme.

I would still like to change out the medicine cabinet and make a frame for the big mirror, as well as replace the countertop with something more modern, but it will have to wait. I’m pretty happy with the update for now.

What are you wishing you could change in your bathroom?

New Life for an Old Chair

I love thrift stores, and as I read through many of my favorite blogs, I see that I am not alone. After seeing some of the treasures that other’s have found, I find myself wishing that I lived closer to this or that place/blogger so I too could find something just as fabulous. As for me, my favorite place is Faith Farm. On the back end, it’s a facility that offers a free 9 month drug and alcohol addiction recovery program that has helped 37,000 people to recover from their addictions. The programs they offer are fully funded by donations, and their awesome thrift stores. I had gone for the first time a few years back, but didn’t fully appreciate it’s awesomeness until I went with my friend, Cricket. She’s got the gift of re-imagination and it’s rubbed off on me! Since it runs completely off donations of furniture, clothing, home goods, etc, I like knowing that my purchases help people get their lives back together. I love, love, love this place and all it does for the community.

Okay, enough about FF… A few months back, I went and found this beauty.

Beyond ugly, right? It was $5, and in great shape structurally. I had never re-upulstered anything before, but I figured that for 5 bucks, I could experiment with this chair and see if I liked it. Lets just say that the act of re-upulstering was not a pretty site. After I pulled nine million staples out, and peeled back the fabric, there was no looking back. I wish I had taken more pictures, but unfortunately, I was so caught up in the process, that I didn’t stop for anything (including dinner, which my kids weren’t happy about!).


So, what do you think of her now?? I know, I need to learn how to sew more than an a envelope type of cushion cover, but for now, it works. I really wish I could find a local upholstery shop that carries more than the limited supplies that JoAnn’s carries for re-upholstering. I saw some great tack strips that I can’t find anywhere, and it would be great to have someone to ask questions.

The new house

I love to re-invent things. Whether it be an ugly chair, or a desk that has seen better days. Which is why, when we were looking for a new house, I didn’t shy away from the ones that weren’t “pretty”. My husband wanted a house with more than a quarter of an acre, and in this area of South Florida, it’s not a common thing. We wanted to stay in the area because we didn’t want to move the kids out of their schools, and it’s close proximity to my husband’s workplace. For more than a year, we looked at every single house in our price range that was sitting on at least an acre. After a year of looking and having a few deals fall through, we found a pretty piece of land, not too far from “civilization” and on FIVE acres of land! Although it was in decent shape, we found there were a lot of problems that we didn’t know about. For instance, that the water system didn’t work (in this area, we have a well and a septic tank – oh, how I miss city water!). Or that the previous owner, who was a plumber, just “rigged” everything electrical instead of fixing it. The shower is falling apart, the pool has a leak and when it rains, the front porch gets flooded completely because there are no gutters on the house. I could go on, and I will, but you get the point.

This is what the house looked like on the day we moved in.

At this point, we are moved in, but still trying to finish the painting and decorating. Color choices have been harder to make since we decided to make this house lighter and brighter than our old one, and our existing furniture is mostly dark. Ugh! Just weeding out stuff that we brought from the old house that doesn’t fit in this house, like pictures and knick-knacks, is taking a lot of time. I’m trying to re-imagine everything before making the decision to pass it on to Faith Farm, Goodwill or the trash. We’ve come a long way, but oh boy, we are far from done!

I decided to document all the changes we make to the house, as well as the other projects I take on. There is always something in a state of change over here!

Thanks for reading!

Just another day in the life of a Pinterest Addict

Before Pinterest, my internet life consisted of email, news websites, google, PostSecret, Facebook and finding photography websites. I knew that blogs existed, but never really found any that were interesting to me long-term. Not that I put much energy into finding them, because what experience I did have with them was limited to friend’s blogs, and with the exception of one (Goodbye Whoopie Pie) they always seemed to peter-out pretty quick.

(this was me…)

After Pinterest, I feel like I’ve been properly introduced to the world wide web. I’ve found blogs that inspire me to cook, decorate, garden, re-imagine, craft, spend time with my family doing new things and to be a better person in general. Although I’ve always been pretty hands-on when it comes to doing things around the house, it was pretty limited to painting and fixing things that were broken. In the first few days of being on Pinterest, I was just dumbstruck by the amount of ideas that were available. Every image was inspiring, and everytime I clicked on the pic to take me to the website it originated from, I felt like I was aware of a whole new world. So many things are going on around me, and I never even knew it. It’s seriously mind-blowing.

Lucky for me, I found Pinterest while we were shopping for our new house, so I had a chance to put these ideas into action, and every day I find a new idea to inspire me. I hope that you will follow me as I make our house into a home, and something old into something beautiful.

Thanks for reading!


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