The new house

I love to re-invent things. Whether it be an ugly chair, or a desk that has seen better days. Which is why, when we were looking for a new house, I didn’t shy away from the ones that weren’t “pretty”. My husband wanted a house with more than a quarter of an acre, and in this area of South Florida, it’s not a common thing. We wanted to stay in the area because we didn’t want to move the kids out of their schools, and it’s close proximity to my husband’s workplace. For more than a year, we looked at every single house in our price range that was sitting on at least an acre. After a year of looking and having a few deals fall through, we found a pretty piece of land, not too far from “civilization” and on FIVE acres of land! Although it was in decent shape, we found there were a lot of problems that we didn’t know about. For instance, that the water system didn’t work (in this area, we have a well and a septic tank – oh, how I miss city water!). Or that the previous owner, who was a plumber, just “rigged” everything electrical instead of fixing it. The shower is falling apart, the pool has a leak and when it rains, the front porch gets flooded completely because there are no gutters on the house. I could go on, and I will, but you get the point.

This is what the house looked like on the day we moved in.

At this point, we are moved in, but still trying to finish the painting and decorating. Color choices have been harder to make since we decided to make this house lighter and brighter than our old one, and our existing furniture is mostly dark. Ugh! Just weeding out stuff that we brought from the old house that doesn’t fit in this house, like pictures and knick-knacks, is taking a lot of time. I’m trying to re-imagine everything before making the decision to pass it on to Faith Farm, Goodwill or the trash. We’ve come a long way, but oh boy, we are far from done!

I decided to document all the changes we make to the house, as well as the other projects I take on. There is always something in a state of change over here!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. MyMove
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 00:16:21

    Wow, you have a very beautiful home! Stumbled on to this blog entry. I love your windows. Hope you’re finished with the painting and decoratingpainting and decorating stage now and all settled into your house!


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