Just another day in the life of a Pinterest Addict

Before Pinterest, my internet life consisted of email, news websites, google, PostSecret, Facebook and finding photography websites. I knew that blogs existed, but never really found any that were interesting to me long-term. Not that I put much energy into finding them, because what experience I did have with them was limited to friend’s blogs, and with the exception of one (Goodbye Whoopie Pie) they always seemed to peter-out pretty quick.

(this was me…)

After Pinterest, I feel like I’ve been properly introduced to the world wide web. I’ve found blogs that inspire me to cook, decorate, garden, re-imagine, craft, spend time with my family doing new things and to be a better person in general. Although I’ve always been pretty hands-on when it comes to doing things around the house, it was pretty limited to painting and fixing things that were broken. In the first few days of being on Pinterest, I was just dumbstruck by the amount of ideas that were available. Every image was inspiring, and everytime I clicked on the pic to take me to the website it originated from, I felt like I was aware of a whole new world. So many things are going on around me, and I never even knew it. It’s seriously mind-blowing.

Lucky for me, I found Pinterest while we were shopping for our new house, so I had a chance to put these ideas into action, and every day I find a new idea to inspire me. I hope that you will follow me as I make our house into a home, and something old into something beautiful.

Thanks for reading!



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